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Bahamas Civil Registration - FamilySearch Historical Records

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[[Bahamas Genealogy|Bahamas]]
|title=Bahamas, Civil Registration, 1850-1959
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== What Is in the Collection? ==
This collection will include includes records from 1850 to 1959. The records include births, marriages, and deaths from civil registration in different districts of the Bahamas. These records were created to keep track of the vital events happening in the lives of the citizens and to safeguard their legal interests. Earlier records are handwritten in narrative style; later records are handwritten in formatted records. The text of the records is in English. Records are listed in chronological order.
There are indexes available for the marriage records in this collections. The indexes are found in the Marriage Index 1910-1955 folder. Find your ancestors name and look for the year, number, page number and book letter located next to their name. This will help you find the record you are looking for in the collection. There are no indexes for the birth and death records. Consider finding a marriage record first and then look for birth and death records. ===To Browse This Collection===
== Collection Content ==
=== Sample Images ===
<gallery caption="Bahamas, Civil Registration Examples">
Image:Bahamas, Civil Registration DGS 5188234 294 Birth Record.jpg|Birth Record
</gallery> <br>
== What Can These Records Tell Me? ==
'''Birth records''' may contain the following information:
*Father’s title or occupation
'''Marriage recordsRecords''' may contain the following information:
*Marriage date
'''Death recordsRecords''' may contain the following information:
*Name of deceased
== How Do I Search the Collection? ==
 Before you begin your search in this collection, it would be helpful if you knew some of the following information: searching
*Name of at least one person involved in the event (child, parents, spouse, etc.)
Civil records of birth, marriage, and death are the best records for family history research after 1862.
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