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How Do I Search the Collection?
== How Do I Search the Collection? ==You can search the index or view the images or both. Before searching this collection, it is helpful to know:*Name of the person *The location or date of the event
To begin your search it is helpful to know at least some of === View the following: Images ===*The name of View images in this collection by visiting the individual or individuals such as the names of the soldier, the deceased, or grantor and grantees'''[https://familysearch. *The type of eventorg/search/image/index#uri=https://familysearch. *The approximate date the event occurredorg/recapi/sord/collection/1910364/waypoints Browse Page]'''.br>*The place where the event occurred.# Select '''County'''*The names of family members # Select '''Record Type, Date Range and their relationships. Volume'''
Fill in === How Do I Analyze the requested information in the initial Results? ===Compare each result from your search page. This search will return a list of possible matches. Compare the information in the list to with what you already know about your ancestor to determine if it there is the correct family or persona match. You This may need to compare several persons in the list before you find your ancestorrequire viewing multiple records or images.
'''View images in this collection by visiting For more tips about searching on-line collections see the on-line article [ Browse Page[FamilySearch Search Tips and Tricks]]'''then:⇒Select the "County" category <br> ⇒Select the "Record Type, Date Range and Volume".
== What Do I Do Next? ==
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