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== What is Is in the Collection? ==
This collection consists of a name index of death records for the years 1940 to 1997. The index was created by the California Department of Health Services, Vital Statistics Section in Sacramento.
== What Do I Do Next? ==
===I Found Who I was Was Looking forFor, What Now?===
*Copy the citation below, in case you need to find this record again later.
*Use the age or estimated birth date to determine an approximate birth date to find other church and vital records such as birth, baptism, and marriage records.
=== I Can’t Find Who I’m Looking forFor, What Now? ===
*If your ancestor does not have a common name, collect entries for every person who has the same surname. This list can help you find possible relatives.
*If you cannot locate your ancestor in the locality in which you believe they lived, then try searching records of a nearby town or county.
*Check the info box above for additional FamilySearch websites and related websites that may assist you in finding similar records.
== Citing this This Collection ==
Citing your sources makes it easy for others to find and evaluate the records you used. When you copy information from a record, list where you found that information. Here you can find citations already created for the entire collection and for each individual record or image.
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