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Spain Civil Registration - Vital Records

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=== Online Resources ===
*[ htm Censo Guia de Archivos de Espana e Iberoamerica]
**The Archive Directory (Directorio de Archivos) will allow you to search for nearly any archive in Spain. Each archive entry will give you an inventory of the records in that archive as well as the archive's contact information.<br>
'''''Basque Country'''''*[ Birth Records]*[ Marriage Records]*[ Death Records]
**This site will allow you to order a birth, marriage, or death certificate from any municipality in the Basque Country (provinces of Alava, Guipuzcoa, and Vizcaya) for free.<br>
'''''FamilySearch Records'''''
*'''1470 - 1897''' - {{RecordSearch|2015322|Spain, Province of Asturias, Municipal Records, 1470-1897}} at [ FamilySearch] — index and images
{{h-langs|en=Spain Civil Registration - Vital Records|es=España: Registros civiles / Registros vitales|pt=Espanha, Registro Civil, Registros Vitais}}
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