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German Research Troubleshooting Strategies

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1. Check who the witnesses were at birth of child. Likelihood is that there might be a relationship<br>2. There might exist a separate section in the church book for illegitimate births.<br>3. Check whether the mother marries the father later and the child became legitimized by the father’s acknowledgment .<br>4. Check confirmation records.<br>5. Find school records to see if school fees were paid for the child and by whom (Search in School records . One possibility “Kirchenvisitationen”, “Schülerverzeichnis”)<br>6. Was the child adopted? (Search in court records, key word: “ Adoptionen”, “Vormundschaft”)<br>7. See if a will exists in which the child was bequeathed money or property. (Search in court records for “Testamente”)
*'''When parents came from a city unknown what would be the research strategy?'''
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