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German Research Troubleshooting Strategies

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*'''When parents came from a city unknown what would be the research strategy?'''
1. Check the witnesses at the children’s baptisms. Witnesses might be relatives and there may be a place name which could give a clue.<br>2. Check citizenship records of present residence (Search for "Ansässigmachung", ” Bürgerrolle”, “Bürgerbuch”, “Bürgerliste”,” Bürgerverzeichnis”, “Einwohnermeldeverzeichnis”)<br>3. Check for journeymen or servants records (Search for “Geburtsbriefe”, “Gesindebuch”, “Heimatscheine”, “Wanderbücher”, “Gutsarchiv” records)<br>4. Check census records. Search for “Volkszählungen”.<br>5. Check guild records. Search for “Innungen”<br>6. Check neighboring church records to see if parents appeared as witnesses.
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