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===Cities or Towns===
*{{Wpd|Fort Knox}}, a United States Army post in Kentucky
*{{Wpd|Fort Knox (Maine)}}, a fort located on the Penobscot River in Prospect, Maine
*{{Wpd|Knox, Indiana}}
*{{Wpd|Knox, Henry County, Indiana}}
*[[Knox, Maine]]
*[[Knox, New York]]
*{{Wpd|Knox, North Dakota}}
*{{Wpd|Knox, Knox County, Ohio}}
*{{Wpd|Knox, Vinton County, Ohio}}
*{{Wpd|Knox, Pennsylvania}}
*{{Wpd|Knox, Wisconsin}}, a town
**{{Wpd|Knox Mills, Wisconsin}}, a ghost town
*{{Wpd|Knox City, Missouri}}
*{{Wpd|Knox City, Texas}}
*{{Wpd|Knox Township, Knox County, Illinois}}
*{{Wpd|Knox Township, Jay County, Indiana}}
*{{Wpd|Knox Township, Clarke County, Iowa}}
*{{Wpd|Knox Township, Pottawattamie County, Iowa}}
*{{Wpd|Knox Township, Benson County, North Dakota}}
*[[Knox Township, Columbiana County, Ohio]]
 *[[{{Wpd|Knox Township, Guernsey County, Ohio]]}}*[[{{Wpd|Knox Township, Holmes County, Ohio]]}}*[[{{Wpd|Knox Township, Jefferson County, Ohio]]}}*[[{{Wpd|Knox Township, Vinton County, Ohio]]}}*{{Wpd|Knox Township, Clarion County, Pennsylvania}}*{{Wpd|Knox Township, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania}}*{{Wpd|Knox Township, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania}}
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