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Kentucky Bible Records

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===Online Records===
*The [ National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)] has an index of over 40,000 digitized family Bible records and each day more records are digitized and added to the Index.
=== Kentucky Bible Records ===
Bibles were often given to a bride as a wedding gift, and families recorded information about the immediate family and close relatives in them. Bible records can include birth, marriage, and death dates; parents’ and children’s names; and spouses’ names, including maiden names. Relationships are seldom stated. The age of a person may be given at the time of death. Many families kept Bible records, although some Bibles did not survive. Some Bibles may have been donated to local libraries or societies. [[Image:Family Bible.jpg|right|150px|Family Bible.jpg]] <br>
Start with the free [ '''Index to Early Bible Records (pre-1830; 17,000 entries)'''].
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