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*Repositories in '''''surrounding counties:&nbsp;''''' '''in Illinois:''' [[DuPage County, Illinois|DuPage]], [[Kane County, Illinois|Kane]], [[Lake County, Illinois|Lake]], [[McHenry County, Illinois|McHenry]], [[Will County, Illinois|Will]]; and '''in Indiana:''' [[Lake County, Indiana|Lake]].
*[ Illinois Dept. of Health Vital Records], Springfield, birth, marriage, death, adoption, and divorces.
*[[Illinois State Archives]], Springfield, county/state records, pre-Chicago fire sources, indexed vital records, early land grants, military records, all fed/state censuses, surname card index.<ref name="DB41">Dollarhide and Bremer, 41.</ref>
*[[Illinois State Library|Illinois State Library]], Springfield, state/federal records, federal censuses to 1920, plat books, IL county histories, Sanborn fire insurance maps, Rev. War pensions and bounty land warrants.</ref>
*[[Illinois State Genealogical Society|Illinois State Genealogical Society]], Springfield, research guidance, teaching via webinars and the [ ISGS blog] for free, death certificates 1916-1947 for a fee. No research requests.<ref>[ Genealogy Committee] in ''Illinois State Genealogical Society'' (accessed 21 March 2015).</ref>
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