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Breckinridge County, Kentucky Genealogy

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*'''1839-1960''' - [ KY Births and Christenings] ~ Kentucky Births and Christenings, 1839-1960 Family Search
*'''1852-1861''' - Breckinridge County Birth Index 1852-1861. Batch {{IGI|C517131}} at FamilySearch - free.<ref name="vr">Genealogical Society of Utah, ''Parish and Vital Records List'' (July 1998). Microfiche. Digital version at</ref>
*'''1875''' - Breckinridge County Birth Index 1875. Batch {{IGI|C394971}} at FamilySearch - free.<ref name="vr" />
*[ Searchable KY Vital Records] ~ Searchable databases of KY Births, Deaths and Marriages
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