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|CID=CID2534488 |title=California, County Marriages, 1843-1918|location=|scheduled=California| LOC_01 = California
| LOC_02 =
| LOC_02_type =
| state_loc_map = US_Locator_California.png
| State_flag = California flag.png
| record_type =Marriage Records| start_year =1843
| end_year = 1918
| FS_URL_01 = [[GuidedResearch:California|California Guided Research]]| FS_URL_02 = [[California_Research_Tips_and_Strategies#California_Record_Finder|California Record Finder]]| FS_URL_03 = [[California Research Tips and Strategies|Research Tips and Strategies]]| FS_URL_04 = Step-by-Step Research: [[Step-by-Step California Research, 1850-1905|1850-1905]] {{!}} [[Step-by-Step California Research, 1905-Present|1905-Present]]| FS_URL_05 =[[California, United States Genealogy |California]] | FS_URL_02 FS_URL_06 =[[California Vital Records]] | FS_URL_03 FS_URL_07 =[[California County Marriages (- FamilySearch Historical Records)]] | FS_URL_04 FS_URL_08 =[[California Marriage Index (- FamilySearch Historical Records)]] | FS_URL_05 FS_URL_09 =[[California Marriages (- FamilySearch Historical Records)]] | FS_URL_06 = | FS_URL_07 = | FS_URL_08 = | FS_URL_09 =
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| FS_URL_11 =| FS_URL_12 =| FS_URL_13 =| FS_URL_14 =| FS_URL_15 =| RW_URL_01 =[ Western States Marriage Index], hosted by BYU/Idaho. Search by bride or groom - Free. | RW_URL_02 =[ California Marriage Records]
| RW_URL_03 =
| RW_URL_04 =
| RW_URL_05 = | RW_URL_06 = | RW_URL_07 = | RW_URL_08 = | RW_URL_09 = | RW_URL_10 = | custodian = California State Archives, Sacramento and Napa Valley Genealogical Society, California
== What is in the This Collection? == This collection is an index to selected marriage records in California for the years from 1843-1918. Most of the entries are for Napa County. Due to privacy restrictions, the images associated with these indexes are unavailable at this time.
=== Image Visibility ===
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== Collection Content What Can These Records Tell Me? ===== Coverage Map === To see a coverage map of FamilySearch's holdings of California county marriage The following information may be found in these records, click [ here].{{col-begin|width=auto}}== What Can this Collection Tell Me? =={{col-break}}'''Marriage records''' may contain *The name of the following information for both bride and groom:  *Name
*Birth year
*Parents’ names
*Marriage date
*Marriage place {{col-break}}
*Marital status
*File number
*Page/Volume/Entry/Certificate number
== How Do I Search the Collection? Content ===== Coverage Map ===
To begin your search it is helpful to know:  *The name see a coverage map of the bride and groom *The approximate marriage date FamilySearch'''Search by Name by visiting the Collection Page:'''<br>Fill in the requested information on the initial search page. This search will return a list s holdings of possible matches. Compare the information about the individuals in the list to what you already know about your ancestors to determine if this is the correct family or person. You may need to compare the information about more than one person to find your ancestor. Keep in mind:  *There may be more than one person in the California county marriage records with the same name. *You may not be sure of your own ancestor’s name. *Your ancestor may have used different names, or variations of their name, throughout their lifeclick [http://user. *If your ancestor used an alias or a nickname, be sure to check for those alternate namesxmission. *Even though these indexes are very accurate they may still contain inaccuracies, such as altered spellings, misinterpretations, and optical character recognition errors if the information was scannedcom/~jsvare/FR/CA_FRMFor tips about searching on-line collections see the on-line article [[FamilySearch Search Tips and Tricks]html here].
== How Do I Search This Collection? ==
Before searching this collection, it is helpful to know:
*The name of the bride or groom
*The approximate date of marriage
*The place where the marriage took place
=== Search the Index ===
{{Search Collection Link
| CID=CID2534488
=== How Do I Analyze the Results? ===
Compare each result from your search with what you know to determine if there is a match. This may require viewing multiple records or images. Keep track of your research in a [[Use_Appropriate_Forms#Prepare_a_Research_Log | research log]].
== What Do I Do Next? ==
If these are indexes, the original records may contain additional information than was not indexed, or the information might have been indexed incorrectly. You may want to search for the original record at the [ California Archives].
=== I Found the Person I Was Looking For, What Now? ===
*Use the age or estimated birth date to find other vital records such as birth, baptism, or death
*Use the information found in the record to find family members in census records
*Search for other family members in the marriage index
=== I Can't Find the Person I'm Looking For, What Now? ===
*If your ancestor does not have a common name, collect entries for every person who has the same surname. This list can help you find possible relatives
*If you cannot locate your ancestor in the locality in which you believe they lived, then try searching a nearby locality
*Try different spellings of your ancestor’s name
*Remember that sometimes individuals went by [ nicknames] or alternated between using first and middle names
=== Research Helps ===
The following articles will help you in your research for your family in the state of [[California, United States Genealogy|California]].
* [[GuidedResearch:California|California Guided Research]]
* [[California Research Tips and Strategies|Research Tips and Strategies]]
* Step-by-Step Research: [[Step-by-Step California Research, 1850-1905|1850-1905]] | [[Step-by-Step California Research, 1905-Present|1905-Present]]
When you have located your ancestor’s marriage record, carefully evaluate each piece of information given. These pieces of information may give you new biographical details that can lead you to other records about your ancestors. Add this new information to your records of each family.  === I Found Who I was Looking for, What Now? =Citing This Collection == *Use the marriage date and place as the basis for compiling a new family group or for verifying existing information. *Use the residence to locate church and land records.*The name Citations help you keep track of the officiator is a clue to their religion or area of residence in the county. However, ministers may places you have reported marriages performed in other counties. *Compile the marriage entries for every person who has the same surname as the bride or groom; this is especially helpful in rural areas or if the surname is unusual. *Continue to search the marriage records to identify children, siblings, parents, searched and other relatives of the bride and groom who may sources you have married in the same county or nearbyfound. This can help you identify other generations of Identifying your family or even sources helps others find the second marriage of a parent. Repeat this process for each new generation records you identify. *Use the marriage number to identify previous marriages. *When looking for a person who had a common name, look at all the entries for the name before deciding which is correct. *The information in marriage records is usually reliable, but depends upon the reliability of the informant. *Earlier records may not contain as much information as the records created after the late 1800s. *There is also some variation in the information given from one marriage record to another record. === I Can't Find Who I'm Looking for, What Now? === *Look for variant spellings of the names. You should also look for alias names, nicknames and abbreviated names. *Search the indexes and records of nearby localities. *Try alternative search methods such as filling in the surname search box (or the given name search box) on the landing page leaving the other box empty and then do the search. This should return a list of everyone with that particular name. You can then browse the list for individuals that may be your ancestor. *A boundary change could have occurred and the record of your ancestor is now in a neighboring locality. {{Tip|Don't overlook {{FHL|California, Marriage Records|keywords|disp}} items in the FamilySearch Library Catalog. For other libraries (local and national) or to gain access to items of interest, see the wiki article [[California Archives and Libraries]]used. }}  == Citing this Collection ==
Citing your sources makes it easy for others to find and evaluate the records you used. When you copy information from a record, list where you found that information. Here you can find citations already created for the entire collection and for each individual record or image. {{Collection_Published}}{{Record_Citation}}
'''Collection Citation''':<br> {{Collection citation | text= "California, County Marriages, 1843-1918." Database. <i>FamilySearch</i>. : accessed 2016. Citing archives and societies, California.}}<br><br>
'''Record Citation''' (or citation for the index entry):<br> {{Record Citation Link
|title=California, County Marriages, 1843-1918
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