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=== History ===
'''1883:''' the Stockbridge Indians, a remnant of the Mahican Confederacy, were moved from [[New York, United States Genealogy|New York]] State, as were the [[Munsee Indians|Munsee]] a division of the [[Delaware Indians|Delaware]] Tribe. They were resettled in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the land had been purchased from the [[Menominee Indians|Menominee]] Tribe.
==== Brief Timeline ====
The following agencies had jurisdiction over the tribe.
[[Six Nations Indian Agency (New York)|Six Natitons Nations Agency]], [[Green Bay Indian Agency (Wisconsin)|Green Bay Agency]], [[Fort Leavenworth Indian Agency (Kansas)|Fort Leavenworth Agency]], [[Kansas Indian Agency (Kansas)|Kansas Agency]],  and [[Delaware Indian Agency (Kansas)|Delaware Agency]]
=== Superintendencies ===
==== Military ====
*[ Wisconsin soldiers who served in the Winnebago War] (Wisconsin Historical Society) - Transcription of Wisconsin Muster Rolls from the Winnebago War. Lists Prairie du Chien and Green Bay militia units along with Menominee, Stockbridge and [[Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin|Oneida]] Indians that served.
=== Important Web Sites ===
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