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Brooklyn Borough, New York Genealogy

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For animated maps illustrating New York County boundary changes, [ "Rotating Formation New York County Boundary Maps"] (1683-1915) may be viewed for free at the website.
'''1664 '''[[Yorkshire County, New York Genealogy|Yorkshire]] became the first large government unit (not actually a county) organized by [[New York Genealogy|New York]] after the English took control from the [[The Netherlands Genealogy|The Netherlands]]. It was divided into three ''[ ridings]'' including West Riding (now Richmond, Kings, and most of Queens).<ref name="Thor" /> <ref name="YCNY">?Wikipedia contributors, "York Shire (Province of New York)" in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'' at (accessed 16 December 2011).</ref><br> '''1683''' November 1 The Province of New York extinguished '''Yorkshire''', creating '''[[Kings (Brooklyn) County, New York Genealogy|Kings County]]''' from part of it.<ref name="Thor" /> <ref name=>Wikipedia contributors, "YCNYYork Shire (Province of New York)" in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'' at (accessed 7 January 2012).</ref><br> '''1898''' January 21 The five boroughs were consolidated into [[New York City, New York|New York City]] and her county governments were dissolved. The '''Borough of Brooklyn''' became a borough of Greater New York City, with the same borders as Kings County.<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Brooklyn" in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'' at (accessed 4 January 2012).</ref> Some record keeping was retained at the county (now borough) level and other record-keeping transferred to the new city.
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