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Burnett County, Wisconsin Genealogy

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1947 - [ A Compilation of Burnett Co. Farmers] WIGenWeb Project
=====State Census=====
*'''1855''' - [ 1855 Wisconsin State Census] This census includes name of head of family; other individuals in the household are identified by sex and race, number of deaf and dumb, blind, insane and foreign born. *'''1865''' - [ 1865 Wisconsin State Census] Name index and images of the 1865 State Census which names the head of household. Most records have been destroyed but schedules exist for the following counties: Dunn, Green, Jackson, Kewaunee, Ozaukee, and Sheboygan.*'''1875''' - [ 1875 Wisconsin State Census] Identifies head of household by name.*'''1885''' - {{RecordSearch|1443713|Wisconsin State Census, 1885}} at [ 1885 Wisconsin State CensusFamilySearch] — index and images. Search indexed census.  Identifies by name of head of household.  Other information is statistical and identifies the rest of the household by race, gender and country of birth.*'''1895''' - {{RecordSearch|1443712|Wisconsin State Census, 1895}} at [ 1895 Wisconsin State CensusFamilySearch] Index — index and images. Identifies head of household by name. Other information is statistical. *'''1905''' - {{RecordSearch|1443899|Wisconsin State Census, 1905}} at [ 1905 Wisconsin State CensusFamilySearch] Name index and images of population. Enumerates by name all inhabitants. 
=====Federal Census=====
*1860 - [ Burnett, Wisconsin] USGenWeb Archives
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