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Massachusetts Military Records

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{{MA-sidebar}}<br>'''''[[United States Genealogy|United States]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[United States Military Records|U.S. Military]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Massachusetts|Massachusetts]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Massachusetts_Military_Records|'' Military Records]]'' ' {{MA-sidebar}}
[[Image:362px-Minute Man Statue Lexington Massachusetts cropped.jpg|thumb|right|200x315px]] __TOC__
[[United States Military Records|United States Military Records]] provides more information on federal military records and search strategies.
=== Forts ===
*[ Fort Adams] 1798-
*Fort Tombeckbe
=== Colonial Wars (1620–1763) ===
Numerous records of [[Colonial Wars, 1607 to 1763|colonial wars]] have been published. The Family History Library has copies of most of them, including:
[[Image:800px-The death of general warren at the battle of bunker hill.jpg|thumb|right|300x220px]]
=== Revolutionary War (1775-1783) ===
A man born between 1730 and 1765 who lived in Massachusetts is probably listed in some form of military record. If he supported the rebellion, he may be mentioned in records as a rebel, patriot, or Whig. Those who opposed the rebellion were Loyalists or Tories. For detailed records of the [[Revolutionary War, 1775 to 1783|Revolutionary War]], see:
*[ Honor Roll of Massachusetts Patriots Heretofore Unknown...] (
=== War of 1812 (1812-1815) ===
The War of 1812 between Britain and the United States confirmed the separate existence of the United States and the future Canada.<br>
There are helpful nationwide records for soldiers of the War of 1812. For more information, see [[United States in the War of 1812|United States in the War of 1812]]''. ''For international aspects of the war, see&nbsp;[[War of 1812, 1812 to 1815|War of 1812]].
=== Mexican War (1846-1848) ===
The Mexican War was caused by the annexation of Texas by the United States in 1845. Most volunteer regiments were from southern states. Records of Mexican War veterans might exist in a state where the veteran later resided. <br>
Click on these links to learn more about the [[Mexican War, 1846 to 1848|Mexican War]] and about [[US Mexican War Pension Records|Mexican War pension records]]. <br>
=== Civil War (1861–1865) ===
[[Image:{{Clara_Barton.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Clara Barton, The Angel of the Battlefield, nurse during the American Civil War}}]] See [[Massachusetts in the Civil War|Massachusetts in the Civil War]] for information about Massachusetts Civil War records, web sites, etc. with links to articles about the Massachusetts regiments involved in the Civil War. The regimental pages often include lists of the companies with links to the counties where the companies started. Men in the companies often lived in the counties where the companies were raised. Knowing a county can help when researching the families of the soldiers.
The [ Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System] allows name searching for soldiers. The result set gives the regiments for the soldiers. Then you can check the Wiki regiment pages to determine counties. Often knowing the counties that had men in a regiment will help you determine if a&nbsp;soldier was your ancestor.
=== Spanish-American War (1898)<br> ===
The Spanish-American War was largely fought in Cuba and the Philippines. Spanish-American War records might exist in the state from which the soldier served or in a state where the veteran later resided.
Click on the link to learn more about the [[Spanish-American War, 1898|Spanish American War]].
=== World War I (1917-1918) ===
World War I was a global war fought on multiple continents with several nations involved. Over four million men and women served from the United States.
*''Casualties from Massachusetts in World War I, 1918, Enlistments, Enrollments, Medical Examinations, Detachments.'' {{FHL|1544205|film|disp=FHL film 1544205 (first of 15 films)}}.
=== World War II (1941-1945) ===
On April 27, 1942, the Selective Service conducted the fourth of six draft registrations related to WWII. The "World War II Selective Service Draft Cards: Fourth Registration, 1942" is often referred to as the “Old Man’s Registration” or the “Old Man’s Draft" because it included men with a date of birth from April 28, 1877 to February 16, 1897. Since there is overlap in the WWI and WWII Selective Service registration, men born in the years 1877 to 1900 may have registered twice and have both WWII and WWI draft records.
[[World War II United States Military Records, 1941 to 1945|World War II United States Military Records]] provides additional information.
=== Korean War (1950–1953) ===
The Korean War was a conflict between North Korea (and its communist allies) and South Korea (with support of the United Nations, primarily the United States). See the [[United States Korean War 1950 to 1953|Korean War ]] wiki article for information on records and their availability.
=== Vietnam War (1964–1972) ===
The Vietnam War was a conflict between North Vietnam (and its communist allies) and South Vietnam (with support of its anti-communist allies, including the United States). See the [[United States Vietnam War 1964 to 1972|Vietnam War]] wiki article for information on records and their availability.
=== Web Sites ===
*You can search several military databases at [ Footnote]&nbsp; ($)
*[ Massachusetts Genealogy--Military Records]
=== Further Research ===
Military muster rolls and other records are at the Massachusetts State Archives and the Adjutant General's Office. For Massachusetts the following sources are also very helpful: United States. Army.
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