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==== National Archives Regional Branches ====
'''[[United States National Archives Regional Branches|National Archives Regional Branches]]'''<br>Website: [ Locations Nationwide]<br><br>
==== National Museum of the Amer Indian ====
:*'''National Museum of the American Indian'''[[Image:Museum of the American Indian DC 2007.jpg|thumb|right|280px|Museum of the American Indian in DC]]<br>4th Street and Independence Avenue, S.W.<br>Washington, D.C. 20560<br>Telephone: 202-633-1000 <br>Website: [ Visit (the National Museum of the American Indian)]
==== Salish Kootenai College ====
[[Image:D'Arcy McNickle Library.jpg|thumb|right|280px|D'Arcy McNickle Library in Pablo, Montana]]D'Arcy arcy McNickle Library<br>5200 Hwy 93<br>P.O. Box 70<br>Pablo, Montana 59855<br>Telephone: 406-275-4875<br>Fax: 406-275-4812<br>Website: [ SKC D'Arcy McNickle Library]<br><br>
==== Stone Child College ====
==== Seneca Nations of Indians Library ====
Allegany Branch<br>Broad Street Extension<br>P.O. Box 231&nbsp; <br>Salamanca, New York&nbsp;14779-0231<br>Telephone: 716-945-3157<br>Fax: 716-945-9770<br>Website: http[https://wwwsenecanationlibrary.cclslibwordpress.orgcom/snia/snia.html Seneca Nation Libraries Allegany & Cattaraugus Branches] <br><br>
==== Cattaraugus Branch ====
3 Thomas Indian School Drive <br>Irving, New York 14081<br>Telephone: 716-532-9449<br>Fax: 716-532-6115<br>Website: http[https://wwwsenecanationlibrary.cclslibwordpress.orgcom/snic/snic.html Seneca Nation Libraries Allegany & Cattaraugus Branches]
==== St. Regis Mohawk Akwesasne Libr ====
321 State Route 37<br>Hogansburg, New York&nbsp;13655-3114<br>Telephone: 518-358-2240<br>Fax: 518-358-2649<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ Akwesasne Cultural Center Library]<br><br>
=== North Dakota ===
==== Cankdeska Cikana Comm College ====
Valerie Merrick Memorial Library<br>214 1st Avenue<br>P.O. Box 479<br>Fort Totten, North Dakota 58335-0479<br>Telephone: 701-766-1353<br>Fax: 701-766-1307<br>Website: [ php/academics/library Cankdeska Cikana Community College Valerie Merrick Memorial Library]<br><br>
==== Sitting Bull College Library ====
1341 92nd Street<br>Fort Yates, North Dakota 58538-9701<br>Telephone: 701-854-8024<br>Fax: 701-854-3403<br>Website: http[ sitting-bull-college/students/library/ Sitting Bull College Library]<br><br>
==== Turtle Mtn Chippewa Heritage Ctr ====
P.O. Box 257<br>Belcourt, North Dakota&nbsp;58316<br>Telephone: 701-477-6140<br>Website: [ Turtle Mountain Chippewa Heritage Center]<br><br>
==== Turtle Mtn Comm College Library ====
P.O. Box 340 <br>Belcourt, North Dakota 58316-0340 <br>Telephone: 701-477-7862 Ext 2084<br>Fax: 701-477-7805<br>Website: [ Turtle Mountain Community College Library]<br><br>
==== United Tribes Tech College Library ====
3315 University Drive<br>Bismarck, North Dakota&nbsp;58504-7596<br>Telephone: 701-255-3285 Ext 282<br>Toll Free: 1-888-643-8882<br>Fax: 701-255-530-0625<br>Website: [ library/ United Tribes Technical College Library] <br><br>
=== Oklahoma ===
==== Bristow Public Library ====
111 West Seventh Avenue<br>Bristow, Oklahoma 74010-2401<br>Telephone: 918-367-6562<br>Fax: 918-367-1156<br>Website: [http://www.bristowbristowlibrary.libokpls.ok.usorg/ Bristow Library]<br><br>
==== Bristow Genealogical Society ====
P.O.Box 515<br>Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74465-0515<br>Telephone: 918-456-6007<br>Fax: 918-456-6165<br>Website: [ Cherokee Heritage Center] <br><br>
==== Choctaw County Public Library==== 208 E Jackson<br>Hugo, Oklahoma 74743<br>Website: [ <br><br> ==== Chickasaw Nation Heritage Pres Div ==== Archives and Records<br>530 East Main<br>Ada, Oklahoma 74820<br>Telephone: 580-436-2603<br>Website: Choctaw County Public Library] <br><br>
==== Chickasaw Nation Tribal Library ====
P. O. Box 1548<br>530 East Arlington1003 Chamber Loop<br>Ada, Oklahoma 74821-154874820<br>Telephone: 580-436310-2603 ext. 73016477<br>Website: [ aspx Chickasaw Nation Tribal Library]<br><br>
==== Comanche Nation College Library ==== 1608 SW 9th Street<br>Lawton, Oklahoma 73501-7434<br>Telephone: 580-591-0203<br>Website: [ library Comanche Nation College Library] <br><br>
==== Konawa Genealogy Society ====
Route 1 Box 3<br>Konawa, Oklahoma 74849<br>Email: [] &nbsp;<br>Website: [ The Konawa Genealogy Society of the Kennedy Library]<br><br>
==== Miami Tribal Library and /Archives ==== 202 South Eight Tribes Trail<br>P.O. Box 1326<br>Miami, Oklahoma 74355<br>Telephone: 918-542-4505<br>Fax: 918-542-7260<br>Website: http[https://www.myaamiafacebook.orgcom/ pages/Miami-Tribal-LibraryArchives/193390027672146 Miami Tribal Library/Archives] <br><br>
==== Osage Tribal Museum, Arch {{amp}} Libr ====
819 Grandview <br>P.O. Box 779<br>Pawhuska, OK 74056<br>Website: [httphttps://www.osagetribeosagenation-nsn.comgov/museum.html www.osagetribe.comnewsevents-category/museum.htmlOsage Tribal Museum] <br><br>
==== Sapulpa Public Library ====
27 W Dewey Ave<br>Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74066-3909<br>Telephone: 918-224-5624<br>Email: []<br>Website: [http://oklahomawww.educationbugcityofsapulpa.orgnet/public-library269/13009Sapulpa-sapulpaPublic-public-library.html Library Sapulpa Public Library] <br><br>
==== Sapulpa Historical Soc {{amp}} Museum ====
100 East Lee<br>Sapulpa, Oklahma 74066<br>Telephone: 918-224-4871<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ Sapulpa Historical Society]<br><br>
==== Seminole Historical Society ====
==== Seminole Public Library ====
424 N. Main<br>Seminole, Oklahoma 74868<br>Telephone: 405-382-4221<br>Website: [http://www.librarytechnologyseminole-oklahoma.orgnet/ html Seminole Public Library] <br><br>
==== Talbot Library and Museum ====
==== Coquille Indian Tribe ====
3050 Tremont<br>P.O. Box 783<br>North Bend, OR 97459<br>Telephone: 541-756-0904<br>Fax: 541-756-0847<br>Website: [ citlibrary.htm Coquille Indian Tribe Library]<br><br>
==== Tamástslikt Cultural Institute ====
[[Image:Tamástslikt Cultural Institute.jpg|thumb|right|280px|Tamástslikt Cultural Institute in Pendleton, OR]]2789 Highway 331<br>Pendleton, Oregon 97801<br>Telephone: 541-966-9748 <br>Fax: 541-966-9927<br>Email: []<br>Website: [http://www.tamastslikt.comorg/exhibits.asp?thing=67 Tamástslikt Cultural Institute] <br><br>
=== Pennsylvania ===
==== SiTanka Huron University ====
Ella McIntire Library <br>435 North Elm Street<br>Eagle Butte, South Dakota&nbsp;57625-0220<br>Telephone: 605-964-8011 Ext 3127<br>Fax: 605-964-4511<br>Website: [httphttps://www.sitankafacebook.educom/ www.sitanka.edupages/Huron-University/112013705481630 Huron University Technical Institute Facebook] <br><br>
==== Sinte Gleska University Library ====
101 Antelope Lake Circle <br>P.O. Box 107<br>Mission, South Dakota 57555-0107<br>Telephone: 605-856-8195<br>Fax: 605-856-2011&nbsp;<br>Website: [ library.html SGU Library] <br><br>
==== Sisseton-Wahpton Comm Coll Libr ====
Virtual Library<br>Old Agency Box 689<br>Sisseton, South Dakota&nbsp;57262-0689 <br>Telephone: 605-698-3966 Ext 702<br>Fax: 605-698-3132<br>Website: [ Sisseton Wahpton College Public Library] <br><br>
=== Tennessee ===
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