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== Land Records [''Fast Eiendomsprotokoller''] ==
Research use: Contain useful lineage linking information, can be used to establish relationships. Most are not indexed.
Record type: Records of land ownership and land taxation. These include revenue district accounts [''Fogedregnskaber''], rural district accounts [''Lensregnkaper''], urban district accounts [''Byregnskaper''], land books [''Jordebøker''], and land commissions [''Landkommisjoner''].
Time period: 1600 to present.
Contents: Land books: Land rentals and records containing names, dates, land quantities, and so forth. Records of property taxation: Tax lists and real estate registers of owners and cultivators of farms; some list primarily quantities of land and monetary amounts, others list heads of taxed households; sometimes entire families are listed.
Location: Regional archives [''Statsarkiv''] and the National Archives of Norway [''Riksarkivet''].
Percentage in Family History Library: 99%.
Population coverage: 10 to 25%.
Reliability: Good.<ref name="profile" />
== Mortgage Books [''Pantebøker''] ==
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