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Maryland Online Genealogy Records

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Guide to '''{{PAGENAME}} ancestry, family history and genealogy:''' birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, parish registers, and military records.
{| width="10070%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="2"
| width="100%" bgcolor="#cc9999" align="center" colspan="6" | '''Maryland Statewide Online Genealogy Records''' <br>This is collection of links to Maryland statewide databases and collections. <br>Many of these links will be repeated on county pages.<br><br>
| widthstyle="width:50%" valign="middle" style="height; border:2px solid black; padding: 40px7px;" colspan="3vertical-align:top" | <center>[[Maryland Vital Records|'''Vital Records''']]</center>
*[ Vital Records Indexing Project]
*[ Maryland Records Colonial, Revolutionary, County, and Church from Original Sources Vol. I], ($), index.
*{{RecordSearch|1916230|U.S., National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, 1866-1938}} Partial index and images.
| valignstyle="middlewidth:50%; border:2px solid black; padding:7px; vertical-align:top" | <center>'''[[Maryland Military Records|Military Records Continued]]'''</center>
*{{RecordSearch|1979426|U.S., Remarried Widows Index to Pension Applications, 1887-1942}} Index only.
*{{RecordSearch|1834308|U.S., Index to General Correspondence of the Pension Office, 1889-1904}} Index only.
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