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Moving handouts from past months
== 2015 ==
October 2015 -[ Not Your Grandma's Genealogy: FamilySearch Apps](Spencer Wells)
October 2015 -[ Correcting Errors and Duplication in the FamilySearch Family Tree](Lise Embley)
October 2015 -[ Getting Started with](Janet Cummings)
October 2015 -[ Getting Started with RootsMagic](Joe Sell)
October 2015 -[ Branching Out with Social Media](Laura Carver)
September 2015 - ['s_records.pdf Using Freedmen's Bureau Records]
July 2015 - [ Finding Your Patriot Ancestor (and others) using the Resources of the DAR] (Guest speaker: Jeanne Sutherland)
June 2015 - Beginning Greek Research (Guest speaker: Carol Kostakas Patranek) - stop by for a copy<br>  June 2015 - National Archives Records on (Guest speaker:&nbsp;Carol Kostakas Patranek) - stop by for a copy
May 2015 - [ Using Your iPad/Table for Genealogy]
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