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Brooklyn Borough, New York Genealogy

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Officially, the [[Brooklyn,_New_York|'''Borough of Brooklyn''']] is one of five boroughs of greater [[New York City, New York|New York City]] since 1898. [[Kings (Brooklyn) County, New York Genealogy|'''Kings County''']] is coterminous with the Borough of Brooklyn (meaning they have identical borders).
[[Image:NY Brooklyn map.png|thumb|right|310px|NY Brooklyn map.png]]
{| width="60%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="3" border="1"
| width="16.6%" valign="center" style="height: 20px;" | <center>1687<ref>Rosanne Conway, ''Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York Excerpted from the Documentary History of the State of New York'' (Baltimore, Md.: Genealogical Publishing, 1979), 37-39. {{WorldCat|5688606|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}; {{FHL|24577|item|disp=FHL Fiche 6046723 (5 fiche); Book 974.7 D4L}}. Includes "The Roll off [sic] Those Who Have Take the Oath off Allegiance in the Kings County . . . 1687." </ref></center>
| width="16.6%" valign="center" style="height: 20px;" | <center>1679<ref>Henry B. Hoff, ''Long Island Source Records'' (Baltimore: Genealogical Publ., 1987), 72. [ path= digital copy] ($); {{WorldCat|15682041|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}; {{FHL|529574|item|disp=FHL Book 974.721 H29L}}. Includes David McQueen's, "Kings County, New York, Deeds" (1679-1695)</ref></center>
| width="16.6%" valign="center" style="height: 20px;" | <center>1650<ref>Milton Halsey Thomas, ''Index to the wills, administrations and guardianships of Kings County, New York, 1650-1850'' (Washington [District of Columbia]: Charles Shepard, 1926). [ pid=IE106969 dps_dvs=1327967789713~233&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; dps_pid=IE106969 change_lng=en .pdf online copy]; {{WorldCat|8441737|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}; {{FHL|219558|item|disp=FHL Fiche 6046632 (2 fiche); Book 974.723 P22t}}.</ref></center>
| width="100%" bgcolor="orange" colspan="6" | <center>'''For earlier records, see also&nbsp;.&nbsp;.&nbsp;.'''</center>
:*'''1862-1948''' [ New York City Death Index] at [ German Genealogy Group] - free. <br>
:*'''1880-1894''' [ Flatbush Death Index] at [ NYGenWeb] - free.<br>
:*'''1880-1895''' [ Flatlands Death Index] at [ NYGenWeb] - free.<br>
:*'''1880-1889''' [ Gravesend Death Index] at [ NYGenWeb] - free.<br>
:*'''1891-1948''' [ New York City Death Records Search 1891-1948] at [ Italian Genealogical Group] - free.<br>
''Death Substitutes''
:*'''1795''' [ Yellow Fever Deaths] at [ NYGenWeb] - free.<br>
:*'''1795–1952''' {{RecordSearch|1680842|New York Deaths and Burials, 1795-1952}} at [ FamilySearch Historical Records] – free; Index. The entries are primarily from the IGI along with some entries derived from compiled and original records such as Family Records, Church Records, and Civil Registration. There may be entries that cite a specific source.<br>
:*'''1801–1890''' [ ''Barber Collection- Newspaper Deaths''] at [ Ancestry]– ($); Index. Information extracted from the "Brooklyn Eagle" and the "New York Evening Post." <br>
:*'''1805''' [ Records of Death, Malignant Fever, ''New York Evening Post'', 29 Oct 1805] at [ NYGenWeb] - free.<br>
:*'''1823-1842''' [ New York Coroner's Reports] (incomplete) at [ NYGenWeb] - free.<br>
:*'''1839-1864''' Stevens, Marian F. ''An Index to the Long Islander, 1839-1864, Marriages-Deaths.'' Huntington, New York&nbsp;: Huntington American Revolution Bicentennial Committee Huntington Historical Society, 1974. {{FHL|216261|item|disp=FHL Book 974.721 B32s}}.<br>
:*'''1849-50, 1859-60, 1869-70, 1879-80''' See Mortality Schedule information in the Federal Census section of [[{{PAGENAME}}#Census|Census]] for death information.<br>
:*'''1849-50''' [ Williamsburg, Kings Co., NY - 1850 US Census Mortality Schedules] at [ NYGenWeb] - free.
:*'''1856–1863''' [ ''Index to Marriages and Deaths in the New York Herald''] at [ Ancestry]– ($); Index. These newspaper notices refer to people up and down the East Coast as well as midwesterners and persons from as far west as the State of California. Also browseable. <br>
:*'''1864-5, 1874-5''' See Mortality Schedule information in the State Census section of [[{{PAGENAME}}#Census|Census]] for death information for 1864-5, and 1874-5.<br>
:*'''1864-5''' [ 1865 Census Death] at [ NYGenWeb] - free.<br>
:*'''1870-1957''' [ Vital Records from the ''Brooklyn Standard Union''] at [ NYGenWeb] - free.<br>
:*'''1874-5''' [ 1875 State Census Deaths, Brooklyn, King County, N.Y.] at [ NYGenWeb] - free.<br>
:*'''1881-1894''' Index to Deaths--Flatlands, Gravesend, New Lots, New Utrecht--Kings County, New York; {{FHL|345965|item|disp=FHL Films 1378836-1378837}}.<br>
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