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Guide to '''{{PAGENAME}} ancestry, family history and genealogy:''' birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, parish registers, and other agency records.
To get started in [[American Indian Genealogy|American Indian Research]]
[[Image:Delaware Indians sign Treaty of Penn with Benjamin West a painting.jpg|thumb|right|Delaware Indians sign Treaty of Penn with Benjamin West a painting.jpg]]
=== Tribal Headquarters ===
*[[American Indian Vital Records Supplements in Census Rolls|Vital records]]
=== Agencies ===
The following agencies had jurisdiction over the tribe.
[[Six_Nations_Indian_Agency_Six Nations Indian Agency (New_YorkNew York)|Six Natitons Agency]], [[Green_Bay_Indian_Agency_Green Bay Indian Agency (Wisconsin)|Green Bay Agency]], [[Fort_Leavenworth_Indian_Agency_Fort Leavenworth Indian Agency (Kansas)|Fort Leavenworth Agency]], [[Kansas_Indian_Agency_Kansas Indian Agency (Kansas)|Kansas Agency]],  and [[Delaware_Indian_Agency_Delaware Indian Agency (Kansas)|Delaware Agency]]
=== Superintendencies ===
Records for Superintendencies exist in the [[National Archives and Records Administration|National Archives]] and copies of many of them are also available in other research facilities.
[[Michigan_Superintendency_of_Indian_AffairsMichigan Superintendency of Indian Affairs|Michigan Superintendency]]
[[Wisconsin_Superintendency_of_Indian_AffairsWisconsin Superintendency of Indian Affairs|Wisconsin Superintendency]]
[[Northern_Superintendency_of_Indian_AffairsNorthern Superintendency of Indian Affairs|Northern Superintendency ]]
[[St._Louis_Superintendency_of_Indian_AffairsLouis Superintendency of Indian Affairs|St. Louis Superintendency]]
[[Central_Superintendency_of_Indian_AffairsCentral Superintendency of Indian Affairs|Central Superintendency]]
==== Military ====
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