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Oklahoma Taxation

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== Background Online Resources ==*'''1832-1911''' - [ Creek Nation, Oklahoma Historical Society, Indian Archives Division] A variety of different records from the Creek Nation including some tax records.'''**'''*'''1839-1911''' - [ Treasurer in the Cherokee Nation, 1839-1911] '''**'''*'''1866-1870, 1883''' - [ List of delinquent tax payers and permits, 1866-1870, 1883]'''**'''*'''1878-1906''' - [ Revenue collection in Tahlequah District, 1878-1906]'''**'''* [ Hay sales and taxes in Tahlequah District, Oklahoma Historical Society, Indian Archives Division] Some of these records are in Cherokee.'''**'''
{{Tip|'''**'''To view online images that are "locked" (as indicated by key over the camera) you must visit at a Family History Center or an Affiliate library. To locate the nearest one click here: [http Taxation in Oklahoma Family History Center or a FamilySearch Affiliate Library] takes many forms. Individuals and corporations in Oklahoma are required to pay taxes or fee charges to both levels of government: state and local }}
<br> == Why Use Tax Records ==By studying several consecutive years of tax records you may determine when a young men came of age, when individuals moved in and out of a home, or when they died leaving heirs. Authorities determined wealth (real estate, or income) to be taxed. Taxes can be for polls, real and personal estate, or schools.
== Websites ==Tax record content varies and may include the name and residence of the taxpayer, description of the real estate, name of original purchaser, description of personal property, number of males over 21, number of school children, slaves, and farm animals. Tax records usually are arranged by date and locality and are not normally indexed. Tax records can be used in place of missing land and census records to locate a person’s residence.
*[ == How to Use Tax Records for Oklahoma Tax Commission Search] ==
=== County Level ===
The county treasurer or assessor may have tax or assessment records. Some tax records are stored in museums, historical, and/or genealogical societies' repositories. Published tax records for Oklahoma are almost nonexistent. Some duplicated copies of county tax records are stored in the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, State Archives Division for security purposes, but are not available for research. <ref>[ Red Book]</ref>
=== State Level ===
Because of the lack of one source of locations for tax information, it can be helpful to call local county courthouses to see what tax records are available for research. Bradford Koplowitz, called ''Guide to the Historical Records of Oklahoma, '' by Bradford Koolowitz is also helpful. This indicates location of county records, including those of tax and assessments. Check on '''''Worldcat''''' for possible locations for this book, but it can also be bought on line.
'''Oklahoma Department of Libraries'''<br>
Address: 200 NE 18th St<br> Oklahoma City, OK 73105<br>
Phone: (405) 521-2502<br>
[ Oklahoma Department of Libraries]<br>
[ Archives and Records] Link
[[Image:Tax money bag.jpg|right|200px|]]
== Tax Laws ==
Abraham Lincoln instituted the income tax in 1862, and on July 1, 1862, Congress passed the Internal Revenue Act, creating the Bureau of Internal Revenue (later renamed to the Internal Revenue Service). This act was intended to “provide Internal Revenue to support the Government and to pay interest on the Public Debt.” Instituted in the height of the Civil War, the “Public Debt” at the time primarily consisted of war expenses. For the Southern States that were part of the Confederate side of the Civil War, once Union troops took over parts of the Southern States, income tax were instituted on them. <ref>[ Creation of the IRA]</ref>
*To learn more about this Collection click [,_Internal_Revenue_Assessment_Lists_(FamilySearch_Historical_Records) here]
*To learn more about the Civil War taxes click [ here]
Due to flooding in 1902, Oklahoma realized that they needed better roads. A Road tax was instituted along with a requirement that all males between the ages of 21 and 45 donate four eight-hour days a year to work on highways. Those who did not work or provide a substitute were fined $5 for each absence. <ref>[ Red Book]</ref>
== References ==
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