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Search the following records in the order listed.
==== <h4> 1. Death Certificate: Civil registration ====</h4><p>Civil registration is the government registration of births, marriages, and deaths, beginning 1 July 1837. In these records you may find the name of the deceased, death date and place, age at death (which you can use to determine the year of birth), occupation (or in the case of a child, a parent's name), cause of death, and the name, address, and sometimes relationship of a person present at the death. Civil registration death records cover most of the population and are indexed countrywide. Use the national index to identify and obtain a copy of a death certificate.  </p><p>For further information, go to [[<a href="England Civil Registration|">England Civil Registration]]</a>. </p>
==== 2. Church Records: Church records ====


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