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German Research Troubleshooting Strategies

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*'''When children were born illegitimately and the father’s name is not known what research strategy is suggested?'''
1. Check who the witnesses were at birth of child. Likelihood is that there might be a relationship<br>2. There might exist a separate section in the church book for illegitimate births.<br>23. Check whether the mother marries the father later and the child became legitimized by the father’s acknowledgment .<br>34. Check confirmation records.<br>45. Find school records to see if school fees were paid for the child and by whom (Search in School records . One possibility “Kirchenvisitationen”, “Schülerverzeichnis”)<br>56. Was the child adopted? (Search in court records, key word: “ Adoptionen”, “Vormundschaft”)<br>67. See if a will exists in which the child was bequeathed money or property. (Search in court records for “Testamente”) <br><br>
*'''When parents came from a city unknown what would be the research strategy?'''
1. Check if the correct parish was chosen. A good source to check is a gazetteer.<br>2. Have parish jurisdictions changed?<br>3. Check with the diocese (Bistum) or deanery (Dekanat) if a duplicate record does exist and where it was deposited.
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*'''When church books no longer exist because they were destroyed what should the research strategy be'''?
Gather information from other records:<br>1. Tax records (Steuerlisten, Schatzungslisten) – located in state archives<br>2. Debt registers, citizenship records, fire insurance registers (Schuldenregister, Löscheimerlisten, Brandregister, Bürgerlisten) – located in city archives, mayor‘s office<br>3. Guild records, notary records, land records (Innungslisten, Zunftbücher, notarielle Akten, Grundbuchsachen – state archives<br>4. Kataster, Bannbücher (cadastral , absolvent books) – state archives, cadastral offices, finance departments<br>5. Tax records of parishes (Lagerbücher) – church archives<br>6. House lists, address books, house ownership lists, military records, vaccination records (Häuserlisten, Adressbücher, Hauswirtslisten, Stammrollen, Impflisten) – city archives<br>7. News papers (Zeitungen, Amtsblätter) - city archive, state archive<br>8. Emigration records, census records, Wählerlisten (Auswanderungsakten, Volkszählungen,<br>voting records) – state archive<br>9. Cemetery records (Gräber, Gottesacker) – city archive
See a list of [ local archives and records&nbsp;] (click on Bestände)
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