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Erie County, Ohio Genealogy

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*'''Parent Counties''': Formed from [[Huron County, Ohio Genealogy|Huron]] and [[Sandusky County, Ohio Genealogy|Sandusky]] Counties 15 March 1838.<ref name="HBG">[ ''Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America, 10th ed.''] (Draper, Utah: Everton Pub., 2002), [FHL book 973 D27e 2002].</ref>
*'''County Seat: '''Sandusky
==== Neighboring Counties ====
==== Neighboring Counties ====[[Ottawa County, Ohio Genealogy|Ottawa County]] {{•}}[[Sandusky County, Ohio Genealogy|Sandusky County]] {{•}}[[Huron County, Ohio Genealogy|Huron County]] {{•}}[[Lorain County, Ohio Genealogy|Lorain County]]  <center>{{OHErie County, Ohio Clickable Neighbors}}</center>
<center>{{OHErie County, Ohio Clickable Neighbors}}</center>
==== Boundary Changes ====
For animated maps illustrating Ohio county boundary changes, [ "Rotating Formation Ohio County Boundary Maps"] (1788-1888) may be viewed for free at the website.
==== Record Loss ====
For a list of record loss in Ohio counties see: [ Ohio Counties with Burned Courthouses]
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