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Gaine's Trace

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The Gaines Trace was a road in the Mississippi Territory. It was constructed in 1811 and 1812 from the Tennessee River (opposite the Elk River's mouth) near present day Decatur, Georgia to Cotton Gin Port on the upper Tombigbee River near Amory, Mississippi. From there it continued on to Fort Stoddert near present day Mobile, Alabama on the lower Tombigbee River. <br>
===Historical Background===
The portion from the Tennessee River to Cotton Gin Port was surveyed in 1807 and 1808 by Edmund P. Gaines, the road's namesake. In 1816, the Gaines Trace and the Tombigbee River were the boundaries between American and Chickasaw territory.<ref>[ Gaines Trac[[Category:Migration routes]Trace]</ref>
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