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Woodford County, Illinois Genealogy

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''{{breadcrumb| link1=[[United States Genealogy|United States]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] | link2=[[Illinois , United States Genealogy|Illinois]]| link3=| link4=| link5=[[Image:Gotoarrow.pngWoodford County, Illinois Genealogy|Woodford County]]'' '''Woodford County''' }}Guide to '''Woodford County, Illinois ancestry, family history, and genealogy''' birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.<br> {{ILDC}}  <div id="fsButtons"><span class="online_records_button">[[Illinois Online Genealogy Records]]</span></div> {{Infobox U.S. County
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=== Woodford County Organization ===
Woodford County's civil records start the following years:  {| width="100%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="1"|-| bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" colspan="7" | <center>'''Known Beginning Dates for Major County Records'''<ref>''Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America'', 10th ed. (Draper, Utah: Everton Pub., 2002), Woodford County, Illinois. Page 192-199 {{WorldCat|50140092|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}; {{FHL|1049485|item|disp=FHL Book 973 D27e 2002}}; Alice Eichholz, ed. Ancestry’s Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources, Third ed. (Provo, Utah: Ancestry, 2004), 194-197.</ref></center>
| width="10014.2%" bgcolor="#ffcc99e4d8e5" align="center" colspan| '''[[Woodford County, Illinois Genealogy#Birth|Birth*]]'''| width="14.2%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Woodford County, Illinois Genealogy#Marriage|Marriage]]'''| width="14.2%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Woodford County, Illinois Genealogy#Death|Death*]]'''| width="14.2%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Woodford County, Illinois Genealogy#Court Records|Court]]'''| width="14.2%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="6center" | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; '''Beginning Dates for [[Woodford County , Illinois Genealogy#Land and Property Records|Land]]'''| width="14.2%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Woodford County, Illinois Genealogy#Probate Records|Probate]]'''| width="14.2%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Woodford County, Illinois Genealogy#Census Records|Census]]'''
| width="1614.62%" align="center" | '''[[Woodford County, Illinois#Birth_Records1871 | width="14.2%" align="center" |Birth]]''' 1841| width="1614.62%" align="center" | '''[[Woodford County, Illinois#Marriage_Records|Marriage]]''' 1871| width="1614.62%" align="center" | '''[[Woodford County, Illinois#Death_Records|Death]]''' 1841| width="1614.62%" align="center" | '''[[Woodford County, Illinois#Census|Census]]''' 1832| width="1614.62%" align="center" | '''[[Woodford County, Illinois#Land_and_Property|Land]]''' 1841| width="1614.62%" align="center" | '''[[Woodford County, Illinois#Probate_Records|Probate]]'''1810
| widthcolspan="16.6%" align="center7" | 1877<br> | width="16.6%" align="center" | 1841<br> | width="16Statewide registration for births and deaths started 1916.6%" align="center" | 1877<br> | width="16General compliance by 1922.6%" align="center" | 1850<br> | width="16.6%" align="/center" | 1831<br> | width="16.6%" align="center" | 1841<br>
County records are most often kept at the County Courthouse or another local repository. For further information about where the records for Woodford County are kept, see the [[Woodford County, Illinois Courthouse|Woodford County Courthouse]] page.
=== Historical Facts ===
=== Parent County ===
*'''1841--'''Woodford County was created 27 February 1841&nbsp;from, [[Tazewell County, Illinois Genealogy|Tazewell]] and [[McLean County, Illinois Genealogy|McLean]] Counties.&nbsp; '''County seat:&nbsp;'''&nbsp;Eureka <ref name="Handybook">''The Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America'',10th ed. (Draper, UT:Everton Publishers, 2002).</ref> ==== Description ==== The county was named for Woodford County, Kentucky. The county seat is Eureka and the county was organized on 27 February 1841. The County is located in the central area of the state.<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Woodford County," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'',,_Illinois 04/20/2017.</ref>
=== Boundary Changes ===
=== Record Loss ===
 For a list There is no known history of record loss courthouse disasters in Illinois counties see: [http://wwwthis Illinois Counties with Burned Courthouses]
== Records and Resources ==
=== Cemeteries ===
Illinois cemetery records often identify birth, death, relationship, and military information, as well as religious affiliation. {{SD Cemeteries Intro|Woodford}}
*[http{| style = "border:1px solid black; width://; "|-bin/fg.cgi?page| colspan="2" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" style=gs& Find A Grave] can be searched by the&nbsp;name of a person or family to find where a person is buried.&nbsp; Usually gives birth and death dates often with a picture "border:1px solid black"| <center>'''Cemeteries of the tombstone.&nbsp; May&nbsp;give obituariesWoodford,&nbsp;names of&nbsp;family members Illinois''' online and links to their information in Find A Grave.print</center>|-| width="20%" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" style="border:1px solid black" | <center>'''Tombstone Transcriptions Online'''</center>|bgcolor="#F0F0F0" valign="top" style="border:1px solid black" |
*Find A Grave also gives a [http Findagrave.cgi?page=csr&CScn=&CScntry=4&CSst=16&CScnty=791 list of cemeteries in Woodford Countycom] and links to the &nbsp;information&nbsp;for the&nbsp;individuals buried there.
*[ Woodford Co.&nbsp;IL&nbsp;USGenWeb Tombstone Projecthtml ILGenWeb] usually gives the names of the deceased in alphabetical order by last name with birth and death dates plus any remarks.
*[http://wwwusgwarchives.illinoisgenealogy.orgnet/il/woodford/cemeterieswoodfcem.htm Illinois CemeteriesILGenWeb Archives] by county.
*The [ Catalog/frameset_fhlc.asp FamilySearch Catalog] lists {{FHL|371018|subject-id|disp=some&nbsp;records of&nbsp;cemeteries in Woodford County}}.&nbsp; Some of the books or others may be on [http:/illinois/ Google Bookshtm Tombstone Project] or available at public libraries.
*[ Illinois Gravestones] *[ Billion Graves]|-| width="20%" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" style="border:1px solid black" | <center>''' TombstoneTranscriptions in Print''' ([[The Value of Cemetery Records in Print |Often more complete]])</center>|bgcolor="#F0F0F0" style="border:1px solid black"| *{{FHL|371018|subject-binid|disp=Family History Library}} *[http:/localList/www.worldcat.phporg/search?localq=6810su%3Acemetery+Woodford+Illinois&locTGroupqt=advanced&dblist=638 WorldCat]|-| width="20%" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" style="border:1px solid black" |<center>'''List of Cemeteriesin the County'''</center>|bgcolor="#F0F0F0" style="border:1px solid black" | *[] *[ Billion Graves] *[ Graveyards of Illinois]*[ FamilySearch Places]|-| colspan=&stateName"2" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" style= ePodunk&nbsp;list of Woodford County cemeteries"border:1px solid black"| <center>See '''[[Illinois Cemeteries]] gives the names of the cemeteries in the county with a link to ''' for more information such as address, phone number, and web site.</center>|}
=== Census ===
{{USCensusPop Historical populations|type = USA|heading = Census|footnote = Source: [,_Illinois#Demographics "".] |1850 |4415 |1860 |13282 |1870 |18956 |1880 |21620 |1890 |21429 | 1900= |21822 | 1910= |20506 | 1920= |19340 | 1930= |18792 | 1940= |19124 | 1950= |21335 | 1960= |24579 | 1970= |28012 | 1980= |33320 | 1990= |32653 | 2000= |35469 | 2010= |38664| footnote=[ IL Counties 1900-1990] }}
=== Church Records ===
'''List of Churches and Church Parishes'''
*'''[ FamilySearch Places]'''
=== Court Records ===
=== Maps ===
 [[Image:Ilwoodford.jpg{{IL Neighboring Counties Intro|600px|Ilwoodford.jpg]] county={{IL Woodford County}}}}*[ Maps of Illinois (1788-1940)]
*[ Woodford County, El Paso and Metamora 1876] from the David Rumsey Map Collection.
*[ FamilySearch Places]:Cities and Towns- [[FamilySearch Places|How to Use FS Places]]
=== Military Records ===
*[[Union Veterans' and Lineage Society Records|'''Grand Army of the Republic''']] (GAR)
*A list of [ GAR Post in Illinois], additional site&nbsp; for post list in Illinois, [ Library of Congress]
*[ Woodruff Post], Washburn 1913 - USGenWeb
The following copies of original records may be accessed through the [[The Family History Library|Family History Library]] or the [ Illinois Regional Archives Depository (IRAD)] located at the Illinois State University (ISU) - search for Woodford County records. For information on how to use IRAD see the [[IRAD - Illinois State University|ISU IRAD Wiki page.]]
<br>'''1855-1906''' Naturalization Papers. Woodford County Court. {{FHL|215299|item|disp=FHL 1401869-1401871}}
'''1861-1901''' Naturalization Records. Woodford County Court. {{FHL|215117|item|disp=FHL 1401866-1401867}}
'''1867-1906''' Naturalization Records. Woodford County Court. {{FHL|58738|item|disp=FHL film 1401866 Item 2 - 1401867}}
'''''Online Records''''' *'''1800-1998''' - {{RecordSearch|1989159|Illinois, County Naturalization Records, 1800-1998}} at [ FamilySearch] — index and images *'''1795-1925''' - [ Woodford County, Illinois Passport Applications]&nbsp; [ Genealogy Trails History Group]
=== Newspapers and Obituaries ===
=== Probate Records ===
'''Online Probate Records'''
*'''1772 - 1999''' [ Illinois Wills and Probate Records 1772-1999] at [] — index and images '''$'''
*'''1819 - 1988''' {{RecordSearch|1834344|Illinois Probate Records 1819-1988}} at [] — images
Original estates and wills are held in the office of the Circuit Court Clerk. See [[Illinois Probate Records]] for more information about using probate records.
'''Probate records available at the Family History Library'''
'''1846-1866 '''Probate Order Book; Will Record 1869-1925; Guardian Record, 1866-1908; Probate Record, '''1745-1876 '''Woodford County Court. {{FHL|174995|item|disp=FHL film 1401860 - 1401869}}
=== Public Records ===
=== Repositories ===
[[Illinois Regional Archives Depository (IRAD)|IRAD]] is a system of Illinois Regional Archives Depositories managed by the Illinois State Archives, housing the archival records of local Illinois counties, townships, municipalities and school districts. The seven Regional Depositories are housed on state university campuses scattered throughout Illinois. [[IRAD - Illinois State University|Illinois State University]] houses the records for Woodford County.
==== Family History Centers ====
 {{FamilySearch Family History Centers Intro}}
Family History Centers (FHCs) are branches of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah (United States) and are located all over the world. Their goal is to provide resources to assist you in the research and study of your genealogy. Currently there are no Family History Centers located directly in Woodford County.
[ Family History Centers] FamilySearch
[ Illinois,_Woodford Family History Library Holdings]
==== Illinois Regional Archives Depository - IRAD ====
Illinois State Universtiy - ISU<br>2016 Warehouse Road Campus<br>Box 1520 <br>Normal, Illinois 61802 <br>Phone: 1-309-452-6027
Illinois Regional Archives Depository System - [http Local Governmental Records Listings Arranged by County]
==== Public Libraries ====
=== Societies ===
'''Lexington Genealogical and Historical Society, Inc.'''<br> 318 West Main Street<br>Lexington, Illinois 61753<br>Telephone Number: 309-365-4591<br>E-mail:[]<br>[ Website]<br><br>   [ Woodford County Historical Society]
=== Taxation ===
=== Vital Records ===
See [[Illinois Vital Records]] for more information about Vital records in Illinois. See also [ How to order Illinois Vital Records] or [ order electronically online]. 
<br> [ Order Birth and Death Certificates Online]
==== Birth Records ====
==== Marriage Records ====
:*'''1587-1959''' - [ Illinois, United States Marriages] at [ FindMyPast] — index $
:*[ Early Marriages in Woodford County, Illinois] ([ Internet Archives])
:*'''1763-1900''' [ Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763-1900]
:*'''1805-1985''' {{RecordSearch|2534491|Illinois, Church Marriages, 1805-1985}} at [http FamilySearch] — index  :*'''1810-1934''' {{RecordSearch|1803970|Illinois, County Marriages, 1810-1934}} at [https:/journalofillinoi1412illi#page/ Early search FamilySearch] — index :*'''1833-1889''' {{RecordSearch|2515894|Illinois, Civil Marriages in Woodford County, Illinois1833-1889}} at [ FamilySearch] (— index :*'''1841-1848''' [http://wwwfiles.archiveusgwarchives.orgnet/il/woodford/vitals/marriages/ Internet Archives1841-1848.txt 1841-1848 Early Marriages])of Woodford County - USGenWeb
:*'''1841-1901''' Marriage Record '''Index''' IRAD-ISU
:*'''Marriage records available at the Family History Library'''
:*'''1841-1902 '''Marriage '''Index'''. Woodford County Clerk. {{FHL|9347|item|disp=FHL film 1401898}} Items 2-3
:*'''1841-1870''' ''Early Marriages Performed in Woodford County, Illinois''. by Lucy Palmer Frane. {{FHL|267402|item|disp=FHL film 848656 and second filming 908198}} and FHL Book 977.353 V25f
:*[ 1841-1848 Early Marriages ]of Woodford County - USGenWeb==== Death Records ====
==== Death Records ====:*'''1749-1999''' {{RecordSearch|3541609|Illinois Deaths and Burials, 1749-1999}} at [ FamilySearch] — index, some images :*'''1850-1880''' {{RecordSearch|2334599|Illinois Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880}} at [ FamilySearch] — index and images
:*'''Pre-1916''' [ Illinois Statewide Death Index, Pre-1916]
:*'''1916-1950''' [ Database of Illinois Death Certificates, 1916-1950]
:*'''1877-1915''' Death Record '''Index''' IRAD-ISU. Available at the Family History Library {{FHL|9355|item|disp=FHL Film 1401898}} Item 4
:*'''1910-1917''' Death Record, Coroner's IRAD-ISU
=== Voter Registration ===
=== Populated Places ===
For a complete list of populated places, including small neighborhoods and suburbs, visit [,cfips,203,c,woodford.cfm HomeTown Locator]. The following are the most historically and genealogically relevant populated places in this county:<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Woodford County, Illinois," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'',,_Illinois, accessed 9 March 2020.</ref>
{{Populated places
<!--cities column------------------->
| cities-col1=<div>
*[,_Illinois El Paso]
| cities-col2=<div>
*[,_Illinois Eureka]
| cities-col3=<div>
*[,_Illinois Minonk]
<!--unincorp column------------------->
| unincorp-col1=<div>
*[,_Illinois Cazenovia]
*[,_Illinois Lowpoint]
| unincorp-col2=<div>
*Oak Ridge
| unincorp-col3=<div>
*[,_Illinois Woodford]
<!--townships column------------------->
| townships-col1=<div>
*[,_Woodford_County,_Illinois Cazenovia]
*[,_Woodford_County,_Illinois Clayton]
*[,_Woodford_County,_Illinois Cruger]
*[,_Woodford_County,_Illinois El Paso]
*[,_Woodford_County,_Illinois Greene]
*[,_Woodford_County,_Illinois Kansas]
| townships-col2=<div>
*[,_Woodford_County,_Illinois Linn]
*[,_Woodford_County,_Illinois Metamora]
*[,_Woodford_County,_Illinois Minonk]
*[,_Woodford_County,_Illinois Montgomery]
*[,_Woodford_County,_Illinois Olio]
*[,_Woodford_County,_Illinois Palestine]
| townships-col3=<div>
*[,_Woodford_County,_Illinois Panola]
*[,_Woodford_County,_Illinois Partridge]
*[,_Woodford_County,_Illinois Roanoke]
*[,_Woodford_County,_Illinois Spring Bay]
*[,_Woodford_County,_Illinois Worth]
<!--villages column------------------->
| villages-col1=<div>
*[,_Illinois Bay View Gardens]
*[,_Illinois Benson]
*[,_Illinois Congerville]
*[,_Illinois Deer Creek]
*[,_Illinois Germantown Hills]
| villages-col2=<div>
*[,_Illinois Goodfield]
*[,_Illinois Kappa]
*[,_Illinois Metamora]
*[,_Illinois Panola]
| villages-col3=<div>
*[,_Illinois Roanoke]
*[,_Illinois Secor]
*[,_Illinois Spring Bay]
*[,_Illinois Washburn]
=== Neighboring Counties ===
*[[Tazewell County, Illinois Genealogy|Tazewell]]
== Web Sites Websites ==
*[ Woodford County, IL History, Records, Facts and Genealogy]*[https Illinois Woodford-County.htm Woodford County IL Genealogy Network Community on Google+]
*[ Illinois Genealogy Network Group on Facebook]
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