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'''Pension Records''': records authorizing distribution of benfits benefits of service, generally contain personal and genealogical information. 
*'''Soldiers application:''' name, rank, place of residence, age, birth date, and time of service
''Organization Index to Pension Files of Veterans Who Served Between 1861-1900.''
*Arranged by unit (regimetregiment) and there under alphabetically by the soldier's surname.
'''Both the ''General'' and the ''Organization Index to Pensions ''should be searched.'''
For years 1866-1869:
*Roll 293   for 38th InfantryRegiment     FHL: 1579524 *Roll 294   for 39th Infantry Regiment    FHL: 1579525 *Roll 295   for 40th Infantry  Regiment    FHL: 1579526 *Roll 296   for 41st Infantry Regiment     FHL: 1579527
'''*''' For years 1869-1916:
*Content:'''<span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1256060871023_813" />'''description of each term of service, date of enlistment, age, occupation and personal description.
*Arranged chronologically into several dates spans, then alphabetically by the first leter letter of the soldier's surname.&nbsp; *Soldiers that enlisted more than once will have an enlistment paper for each enlistment.<br>
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| '''Miliatary Academy'''
| '''Number of films'''
| ''Documents Relating tot he to the Military and Naval Service of Blacks Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor from the Civil War to the Spanish American War.''
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