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== Removing public records (opt out) ==
Steve, the site&nbsp;,_Public_Records_%28FamilySearch_Historical_Records<br>%29#Public_record_availability_on_familysearch&nbsp;tells me that I can go somewhere to remove or opt out of the display of public records regarding me. That site gives me a link created by you but the link takes me back to the page discussing public records. Then right below the link attributed to you Dorothy Horan attempts to replicate what you said on your link, but the first step, clicking on a link to get to that site, doesn't have a link. So today this does not work. Can you help?&nbsp;The public record about me is full of mis-information and personal information that is noone's business but my own. Certainly you know about the many protests regarding the availability of this information. Thanks. David Dalton :Hi David, looking at the article [[United States, Public Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)]] the section present in October 2013 has for a reason unknown to me been removed. :The link in question (to Manage Your Public Records) was::{{url|1=}}: NB. [,_Public_Records_(FamilySearch_Historical_Records)&oldid=1480026#How_to_Remove_Records_from_the_U.S._Public_Records_Collection link to old version of the page from Oct 2013]. --[[User:Cottrells|Steve]] {{toolbar|[[User talk:Cottrells|talk]]|[[Special:Contributions/Cottrells|contribs]]}} 15:50, 15 June 2015 (UTC)
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