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{{Userboxhistoricalproject}} === About Me === My name is NaDine Timothy. I grew up in Southeastern Idaho approximately 100 miles from Yellowstone National Park but have lived in Utah since I was 20 years old.  === Professional === My current position is as a User Guidance Coordinator with my areas of responsibility including Scandinavia and the United States. === Education === I graduated from both Ricks College and Brigham Young University earning multiple degrees in Education, Human Development and Psychology with minors from both schools in Genealogy. I am a Retired Accredited Genealogist with ICAPGen having accreditations in Sweden and American Indian.  === Work Experience === I have worked for the Family History Department and Family History Library in the following positions: Reference Consultant, Correspondence Specialist, Cataloging cross training; VIP Projects, Publications Coordinator, Intern Trainer and User Guidance Coordinator.
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