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*Company A - ("Georgia Drillers") [[Marion County, Georgia Genealogy|Marion]] and [[Schley County, Georgia Genealogy|Schley]] counties - see - [;view=1up;seq=201 Roster] on page 286;&nbsp; [ USGenWeb]<br>
*Company B - ("Rutland Grays") [[Bibb County, Georgia Genealogy|Bibb County]] - see - [;view=1up;seq=307 Roster] on page 291;&nbsp; [ USGenWeb]<br>
*Company C - ("Jackson Guards")&nbsp; [[Crawford County, Georgia Genealogy|Crawford County]] - see - [;view=1up;seq=315 391 Roster] on page 299375;&nbsp; [ USGenWeb]<br> *Company D -&nbsp; [[Hall County, Georgia Genealogy|Hall County]] - see - [;view=1up;seq=322 397 Roster ]on page 306381;&nbsp; [ USGenWeb]<br>
*Company E -&nbsp; ("Bethsaida Rifle Guards") [[Campbell County, Georgia Genealogy|Campbel]][[Fulton County, Georgia Genealogy|l]] and [[Fayette County, Georgia Genealogy|Fayette]] counties - see - [;view=1up;seq=330 Roster] on page 314;&nbsp; [ USGenWeb]<br>
*Company F -&nbsp; ("Taylor Guards") [[Taylor County, Georgia Genealogy|Taylor County]] - see - [;view=1up;seq=339 Roster] on page 323;&nbsp; [ USGenWeb]<br>
*Company G - ("County Line Guards") [[Pike County, Georgia Genealogy|Pike]] and [[Spalding County, Georgia Genealogy|Spalding]] Counties- see - [;view=1up;seq=346 417 Roster] on page 330401;&nbsp; [ USGenWeb]<br>
*Company H - ("Zachry Rangers")&nbsp; [[Henry County, Georgia Genealogy|Henry County]] - see - [;view=1up;seq=354 Roster] on page 338;&nbsp; [ USGenWeb]<br>
*Company I -&nbsp; ("Appling Grays") [[Appling County, Georgia Genealogy|Appling County]] - see - [;view=1up;seq=362 Roster] on page 346;&nbsp; [ USGenWeb]<br>
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