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=== History ===
The Chippewa Agency was established in 1851 to serve the Indians in [[Indians_of_Minnesota|Minnesota]], also known as the Chippewa of the Mississippi (as opposed to the Chippewa of Lake Superior, assigned to [[La Pointe Indian Agency (Wisconsin)|La Pointe Agency]]). It was the successor to the [[Sandy Lake Indian Subagency (Minnesota)|Sandy Lake Subagency]] which had been responsible for both the Chippewa or Lake Superior and the Chippewa of the Mississippi.
In 1853, the Chippewa living along Lake Superior were assigned to the [[Mackinac Indian Agency (Michigan)|Mackinac Agency]]. In 1858, a separate agency for the Lake Superior Chippewa was created. It was called the Lake Superior Agency, the Chippewa of Lake Superior Agency, or the [[La_Pointe_Indian_Agency_(Wisconsin)|La Pointe Agency]]. By this time, the Chippewa Agency was also responsible for the Pillager and Lake Winnebigoshish (Winnebegoshshiwininewak) Chippewas.
After 1863, the Chippewa Agency was responsible for the Red Lake (Miskwagamiwisagaigan) and Pembina (Anibiminanisibiwininiwak) Chippewas.
The Chippewa Agency headquarters was located at the site of the old Sand Lake Subagency at Sandy Lake, Minnesota. From 1852 5o 1870, it was located a Crow Wing River. A new agency was built in 1866/1867 on the southeast side of Leech Lake, which was used part of the time for the [[Chippewa_Indian_Agency_Chippewa Indian Agency (Minnesota)|Chippewa Agency.]] The Chippewa Agency headquarters moved to the [[White Earth Indian Reservation (Minnesota)|White Earth Reservation]] in 1872.
In 1873, a separate [[Red Lake Indian Agency (Minnesota)|Red Lake Agency]] was established for the Red Lake Chippewa. In 1874, the [[Leech Lake Indian Agency (Minnesota)|Leech Lake Agency]] was established for the Pillager and Lake Winnibigoshish Chippewa residing at Leech Lake and for the Chippewa of the Mississippi living at White Oak Point. The Chippewa Agency then had jurisdiction over the other Chippewa of the Mississippi (including those at Mille Lacs), the [[Otter Tail Band of Chippewa Indians|Otter Tail]] Pillager, and the Pembina Chippewa.
=== Records ===
Agencies and subagencies were created as administrative offices of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and its predecessors. Their purpose was (and is) to manage Indian affairs with the tribes, to enforce policies, and to assist in maintaining the peace. The names and location of these agencies may have changed, but their purpose remained basically the same. '''Many of the records of genealogical value (for the tribe and tribal members) were created by and maintained by the agencies'''.
Many [ records] for the White Earth Agency, successor to the Chippewa Agency, are in the Great Lakes Regional Archives of the National Archives and Record Administration (NARA) in Chicago and in the Central Plains Regional Archives of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Kansas City<ref>Guide to Federal Records, Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Record Group 75. [ Available online].</ref>.
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