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Erie County, Ohio Genealogy

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===== Museums =====
===== Societies ===== [[Image:Connecticut Western Reserve in northeast Ohio.png|right|175px|Connecticut Western Reserve in northeast Ohio.png]]The '''''[[Connecticut Western Reserve]]&nbsp;''''' was a part of northeast '''Ohio''' originally intended for settlement by Revolutionary War refugees from Connecticut.<ref name="DB89">William Dollarhide, and Ronald A. Bremer, ''America's Best Genealogy Resource Centers'' (Bountiful, UT: Heritage Quest, 1988), 89. {{WorldCat|39493985|item|disp=At various repositories (WorldCat)}}; {{FHL|728550|item|disp=FHL Book 973 J54d}}.</ref> The former ''Connecticut Western Reserve&nbsp;'' lands were in the modern counties of [[Ashtabula_County,_Ohio_Genealogy|Ashtabula]], [[Cuyahoga County, Ohio Genealogy|Cuyahoga]], [[Erie County, Ohio Genealogy|Erie]], [[Geauga County, Ohio Genealogy|Geauga]], [[Huron County, Ohio Genealogy|Huron]], [[Lake County, Ohio Genealogy|Lake]], [[Lorain County, Ohio Genealogy|Lorain]], [[Medina County, Ohio Genealogy|Medina]], [[Portage County, Ohio Genealogy|Portage]] [[Trumbull County, Ohio Genealogy|Trumbull]], and '''partly in''' [[Mahoning County, Ohio Genealogy|Mahoning]], [[Ottawa County, Ohio Genealogy|Ottawa]], [[Summit County, Ohio Genealogy|Summit]], and [[Wayne County, Ohio Genealogy|Wayne]] counties in Ohio.<br><br>  The '''Research Library''' at the ''[[Western Reserve Historical Society]] History Center&nbsp;'' is the premier repository for Cleveland, Ohio and Connecticut Western Reserve history material. One of the principal strengths is its manuscript collections.<ref name="gen">[ Family History and Genealogical Research] in ''Western Reserve Historical Society'' (accessed 11 March 2015).</ref> The WRHS collection has original land records, genealogies of New England, New York, and Pennsylvania, biographies, histories, and family Bibles.<ref name="DB89" />
==== Taxation ====
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