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*Officers, Non-Commissioned Offices, and Staff - see&nbsp; [;view=1up;seq=19 Roster] on page 1<br>
*Company A - Irwin Cowboys ([[Irwin County, GeorgiaGenealogy|Irwin County]]) *Company B - Tattnall Rangers ([[Tattnall County, GeorgiaGenealogy|Tattnall County]]); &nbsp; [ USGenWeb] *Company C - Brooks Rifles (aka Wiregrass Riflemen) ([[Brooks County, GeorgiaGenealogy|Brooks]] and [[Thomas County, GeorgiaGenealogy|Thomas]] *Counties) *Company D - DeKalb Guards ([[Bulloch County, GeorgiaGenealogy|Bulloch County]]); &nbsp; [ USGenWeb] *Company E - Montgomery Sharpshooters ([[Montgomery County, GeorgiaGenealogy|Montgomery County]]); &nbsp; [ USGenWeb] *Company F - Starke Guards/Wiregrass Rifles ([[Quitman County, GeorgiaGenealogy|Quitman County]]); &nbsp; [ USGenWeb] *Company G - Wilkes Guards ([[Wilkes County, GeorgiaGenealogy|Wilkes County)]]; &nbsp; [ USGenWeb] *Company H - Tattnall Volunteers ([[Tattnall County, GeorgiaGenealogy|Tattnall County]]) *Company I - Thompson Guards ([[Macon County, GeorgiaGenealogy|Macon]], Georgia and [[Bibb County, GeorgiaGenealogy|Bibb]] County)
*Company K - (formed with volunteers from Companies A-I in May 1862.) <ref></ref>
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