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''[[United States|United States]] &gt;&nbsp; [[Arkansas|Arkansas]] &gt; [[Arkansas Birth, Marriage and Death Records|Arkansas Birth, Marriage and Death Records]] &gt; Arkansas Vital Records Online''<br>
== Arkansas&nbsp;Quick Links&nbsp; ==
The following is a list of online resources useful for locating Arkansas Vital Records. Most online resources for Arkansas Vital Records are indexes. After locating a person in an index always consult the original record to confirm the information in the index. '''<br>'''
*Search the [ Arkansas Birth, Marriage &amp; Death] Records at - $&nbsp;
*Order [ Arkansas Certificates] online -&nbsp;<span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1247073573052_30" /><span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1247073573052_178" />$&nbsp;
=== '''Online Sources for Birth, Marriage, and&nbsp;Death Records''' ===
Online vital record resources for Arkansas usually consist of indexes to birth, marriage, death and divorce records. The internet&nbsp;is a quick resource for locating the individual, with a date and place in an index. Record the information from the index then send for the original record where you can confirm the accuracy of the information and often find additional details.
Just because&nbsp;information is in print, does not make it true and accurate. Indexes and compiled records have errors and if possible, original records should always be consulted.
'''Order a Certificate'''
You may send for a copy of original records by contacting the [ Arkansas Department of Public Health]. There are links for [ Birth Certificates], [ Marriage Certificates], [ Death Certificates], [ Divorce Certificates], and [ Old Vital Records Indexes]. The [ Alabama Department of Public Health] has detailed information for obtaining copies from the State of Alabama.
=== Arkansas Quick Links Explained ===
The following online sites may assist you in your search for Arkansas Vital Records. Free sites are listed first, followed by sites with partial free and fee-based access to their collections, then finally fee-based sites are listed that charge a fee&nbsp;for searching most of their vital record databases.
*'''[]''' - Professionals at The [ Family History Library] (FHL) have compiled their favorite links for their areas of specialization. Links for [ Arkansas] and the entire [ World] have been available on the FHL computers in Salt Lake City, Utah and are now available online. Free
*[ '''''']&nbsp;is the Free portion of Vital Record [ Links for Arkansas]&nbsp;are mixed in with all databases for the State. Free
*'''[]''' - The USGenWeb is dedicated to gathering genealogical data and providing free access for every county and state of the United States. At [] there is a link for each of the 50 states. The state pages, including [ Arkansas] have links to each of the counties of that state. Take time to explore the counties and states related to your research and check back from time to time for new content.&nbsp; Free
*[ '''Record Search''']'''- '''The free FamilySearch Record Search-Pilot Site contains the published results of the FamilySearch's project to digitize and offer free genealogical and family history indexes and records online for [;p=allCollections Arkansas] and the [ World]. New Collections are published frequently. Bookmark this site and check back often. Free
*Vital Records Search and Information Directory for [ Arkansas]
*[ '''Wee-Monster''']&nbsp;- Vital Records on Wee-Monster are separated into a collection of Links for [ U.S. Birth &amp; Marriage Records] online and [ U.S. Death Records] online. This alphabetized collection for the United States includes some Arkansas Vital Records. Some of these links are free. Free/$
*[ ''''''] With a rapidly growing collection of links,;offers over 8 million genealogy links including the [ United States], state-wide [ Arkansas] links and separate links for each county. Some of these links are free. Free/$&nbsp;
*[ '''''']&nbsp;Links on for the [ United States] are listed by category, not state. To find records for Arkansas on this site, try pressing the "Ctrl" and 'F" keys at the same time then perform a search for Arkansas or AR. Some of these links are free. Free/$
*[ ''''''] - A collection of indexed [ Arkansas Vital Records] may be found in the collection of [ Arkansas Historical Records]&nbsp;at Users may sign up for a 14 day trial but there is a fee to view records after the trial period. Contact your local library, genealogy society, archives, or Family History Center to see if they offer free public access to $
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