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Gregg County, Texas Genealogy

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*[ Texas Death Records 1890 – 1976 [with images]]<br>Name index and images of statewide death certificates, 1890-1976. The name index has been created by FamilySearch and is tied to images of the Texas death certificates. Few certificates are available prior to 1903.
*[ Gregg County, Texas cemetery records, 1790-1928]<br>*[ ''Texas, Death Index, 1903-2000''] (index) - FamilySearch<br>
*[ Gregg County Death Index] from the Gregg County Clerk's Office
*[ Texas Death Index 1964 to 1998] [[Texas, Death Index, 1964-1998 (FamilySearch Historical Records)]] Name index to Texas Statewide Death Certificates or four million people who have died since 1964.*[ Texas Deaths and Burials 1903 - 1973] &nbsp;(index) - FamilySearch
''Original Death Records on Microfilm''
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