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Some time ago you used the function of search and replace to put material in Suffolk parish pages. Since the links to the family history library have been dysfunctional for over a year now that part of the text needs to be changed. Example - [[Tannington,_Suffolk#Resources]]<br>
old text - <strike>Refer to {{H:title|copy and paste Parish link from FamilySearch Catalogue to this place. |Suffolk_in_the_FHL_Catalog|label= the parish |link=yes|dotted=yes|external=no}} and {{FHL|England%2C+Suffolk%2C|subject|disp=Suffolk }} in the FamilySearch Catalogue for available records.</strike><br>
new text - <strike>Refer to the wiki article, [[Suffolk in the FamilySearch Catalog]], for available records.</strike><br>
I don't know how many have the old text by now, but think there must be a lot of them.
===wait a minute===
The links don't work on that page neither, so I think it would be best just to remove the link.<br>
new text - Refer to the FamilySearch Catalog for available records.<br>
Do they want people linking to the catalogue? If not, what is the correct <b>Url</b> to the catalogue.<br>
I hate to have hundreds of broken links on the pages, its been like that for over a year.
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