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'''Kakolosi Tui’one's Tongan Pedigree Maps and CD'''
<u>Kakolosi K. Tui’one, ''Tongan Pedigree Charts Including Royal Lineages'' </u>(West Valley City, Utah: K. Tui'one, 2002) [[*,0,0 CD-ROM no. 1125 supp.; PEDIGREE no. 2182 pt. 1-71]]
During his life, ''Kakolosi Tui’one ''<span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1246894537531_726" />worked hard to collect the records of the royal family of Tonga. He was given permission in 1949 to copy the records of the royal family.&nbsp;These records are on “maps” or ''hohoko ''charts. They are on a Compact Disc that must be read by a ''Computer Assisted Design (AutoCAD14) ''program. (It is not possible to see what is on the CD by loading it onto a regular word processing program).
Birth and Death Rocords of Ha'apai District copied by Sinisi Fakalata, Islands mixed.&nbsp; Contains some from Niuatoputapu and Vava'u with an index.
Tohi Hohoko: Family Genealogies from Tongan Islands, including a summarized version of the Cole Jensen Binder 43, compiled b y by Etuini Tupou from the Tamaha records in 1844. Tohi ohoko  &nbsp;  <br> <br>
'''Tongan Oral Histories'''


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