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Tisina Wolfgramm Gerber donated the information which was collected by her family and they were microfilmed. ''[Iohani and Salote Wolfgramm Papers]'' (Salt Lake City: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 2003) [[*,0,0 FHL film 1224623]]. The papers on this microfiom include the charts of the royal families which Iohani gathered in the 1050s before he left for the United States.
*<u>''95 Genealogy Charts of Royal Families, Nobles, and Chiefs from `Ahoeitu and Tangaloa and his son `Ahoeitu (the first Tui Tonga, 950 A.D.) to Tui Ha`atakalaua, 1450, including the Ha`a Túi Kanokupolu line''</u>''.'' <span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1246894348546_939" />(This is not a complete record, but only a few from the Genealogy papers of Iohani and Salote Wolfgramm). *<u>''Amelia Tamaha Records from the year 1844'' </u>*<u>''Túi Latai Mataele ''(''who came from the royal lines) book of records&nbsp;''</u>''(''copied from the Tongan Royal Palace'').'' *<u>''Veikune book of records of Queen Matáaho’s father.'' </u> *<u>''77 Genealogy Charts of Royal Families, Nobles, and Chiefs from `Ahueitu and Tangaloa and his son `Aho Eitu, the first Tui Tonga 950 A.D. to Takulaua Tui, Ha`a Takalaua 1450, including the Ha'a Túi Kanokupolu line. ''</u>These charts are in larger print, with some additional names than are found on the 99 Genealogy Charts of Royal Families, Nobles, and Chiefs in this same collection.
'''Tui’one's Tongan Pedigree Charts and CD'''
'''1358006:'''&nbsp; Names, dates, and places for 1000 pedigree charts.&nbsp; From Binder 35.&nbsp;
'''1358007:'''&nbsp;&nbsp; Family Pedigree Charts of Hawaii,, New Zealand, and Tonga. (Not in alphabetical order)&nbsp;A Kingi Siaosi Tupou II Written&nbsp;in 1903 and copy given to&nbsp;Rudy Wolfgramm. Tonga Genealogy; Famiy Records; kingdom of Tpnga and Island Families; "Koe Tohi Hohoko".&nbsp; Koe Tohi Hohoki 'Eni'Ae Haa Tu'i Kanokupolu, Genealogy from the&nbsp;Tongan Islands collected by Sinisa Fakalata 150 pages; Takalaua and Vaeleveamata Story,&nbsp; 121 Pages.
'''1358008:&nbspGovernment Death records of Vavau 1880-1941,, 133 pages;''' Genealogy from&nbspNiuatoputapu Births 1888-1944 and Deths 1888-1939 with index of 78 pages;the Tongan Islands collected Copied by Sinisa FakalataSione M. Kauvaka and related to Sione M. Kauvaka according to V. Hemaloto.
Birth and Death Rocords of Ha'apai District copied by Sinisi Fakalata, Islands mixed.&nbsp; Contains some from Niuatoputapu with an index.
Tohi ohoko
'''Tongan Oral Histories'''


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