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=== Court Records ===
The court records contain reports of civil and criminal actions, including the allodial rights, a system of ownership by which an owner has all rights associated with possessing a property. You will find names, dates, places, and relationships in these records. The records have no indexes, and therefore require time to study. They are excellent sources for genealogical research and at times you can find entire families through several generations. These records must be used in conjunction with the mortgage records, probate records, or other records.
[ Court records at the Family History Library, 1613-1701]
These records are for Jæren and Dalane judicial districts which include these places: [[Hetland (Frue), Norway|Hetland (Frue)]], [[Høyland, Norway|Høyland]], [[Klepp, Norway|Klepp]], [[Time (Lye), Norway|Time (Lye)]], [[Håland, Norway|Håland]], [[Ogna, Norway|Ogna]], [[Sandnes, Norway|Sandnes]], [[Helleland, Norway|Helleland]], [[Egersund, Norway|Egersund]], [[Lund, Norway|Lund]], [[Sokndal,_Norway|Sokndal]], [[Heskestad, Norway|Heskestad]], [[Hå, Norway|Hå]], [[Bjerkreim, Norway|Bjerkreim]], [[Randaberg (Randeberg), Norway|Randaberg]], [[Sola (Sole), Norway|Sola]], [[Madla, Norway|Madla]], [[Varhaug, Norway|Varhaug]], [[Nærbø, Norway|Nærbø]], and [[Gjestal, Norway|Gjestal]] in Rogaland county.
=== Land Records ===
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