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'''2. Gather written records.<br>'''My mother wrote our family genealogy on a family map, or ''Hohoko''. Many Tongan families have charts like this. She wrote on sail cloth with a ball point pen so it could be folded up and carried and not be torn or destroyed by the elements. The map is about 4 feet wide and 20 feet long. (See the [[Step 5. Organize your information|picture in Step 5 of the Pacific Island Guide]].)&nbsp; I used this map to copy the basic information&nbsp;I needed.
'''3. Enter information into Personal Ancestral File or similar computer program.'''<br>Family members helped me copy the information from the ''Hohoko'' into the [[PAF and Other Genealogy Organizers|Person Ancesral File computer program]]. From there, it can be printed out as [https[:// Chart Blank.png |pedigree charts]] and [[Family group record: roadmap for researchers|family group records]] preparing the names for publication and other work you wish to share.
'''4. Write what is learned and share the information with others.<br>'''We also compiled the stories of our family and published them in a book, Tisina Wolfgramm Gerber, ''Man of Faith and Courage {{FSbook|99825}}''&nbsp; [FHL book 921.9612 G313i]. Testimonies, family stories and memories, as well as family history of our ancestors have been compiled in this book.&nbsp;&nbsp; You also could eventually compile your family stories into a book, if you have the time and the means to do it,
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