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[ Wainwright Newspaper Archives] Wainwright Star Newspaper 100 years digitized and searchable. Go to bottom of the library page for link.
=== Indexes === ==== Alberta Published Indexes ==== *''Obituaries index of the Barrhead Leader'', by Flora and John Stewart (n.d.) and their ''Marriage index from the Barrhead leader, 1928-1949 ''(1994). <br> *Mary Kearns Trace. ''Birth, marriage and death notices of “the Alberta tribune,” Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 1897-1899.'' Calgary: Traces, 1986. <br> *''Dates gone by: extracts from Grande Prairie newspapers'''', '''1913-1920''. Grand Prairie: Grande Prairie and District Branch of the Alberta Genealogical Society, 1997. [ Grande Prairie obituaries] are also available online.<br> *Jack F. Layton.''Vital statistics from the Innisfail free lance and the Innisfail providence, 1902-1925. ''Innisfail: Layton, 1993.<br> Some Edmonton indexes currently covering 1903-1908 are available from Rob Milson, 8616-176 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5T 0N3. He says they contain, “The original extract or in some cases a paraphrasing of longer extracts, as well as an alphabetized index of all names, that is the name of the person/s about whom the article is concerned as well as other named individuals.”  ==== Alberta Unpublished Indexes ==== Edmonton: There are film or card files at Edmonton Public Library (from 1961) and the City of Edmonton Archives has manuscript extracts from ca. 1907-1950s.  The provincial archives has index booklets 1880-1900.  Other manuscript indexes are at the Legislative Library of Alberta (clippings from 1971), Alberta Genealogical Society library in Edmonton.<ref name="ryan"/>
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