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Concerning the coding itself, there is a limitation with the parser calculations in that an error output is generated if the time span is two years or more. The one year limitation could be overcome by using the “AgeParse” function but that is not available with the current MediaWiki version and I am not sure if it will be added to the new version. This limitation (which can be overcome by expanding the code a little more) may be a mute point anyway because periods greater than 1 year would be of minimal usefulness.
I was also thinking about whether it would be useful to have the option of specifying specific subcategories as a parameter so that a user could monitor “their own” area for articles they are interested in or are responsible for (just a thought at this time).
Other questions:
*I am also not sure where (or if) to include {{tl|StripWhiteSpace}} to remove spaces inadvertently included in unnamed parameters (based on the red color it appears not to be available in this version).
*If the use of {{tl|!}} is necessary in the coding in place of the bar.
*How to limit unacceptable parameters (zero and negative numbers) from being entered. I did not get the expected “switch” change over when the parameter was set to 0 (zero) or a negative number.
Thanks for your patience as I am still learning. Luccagenes 06:33, 20 July 2014 (UTC)<br><br>
I have just added to the coding to expand the one year limit to two years (1 to 730 days) although for all practical purposes the recommended range would still be 1 to 365 days. Luccagenes 17:29, 20 July 2014 (UTC)
Steve, I also found something unusual (a glitch) with the operation of this template although some of it may be a common occurrence with the server. When the timer expires, the display will change (from OKAY to Expired) and the category is added to the bottom of the page (after about a 1 hour delay which appears to be normal and consistent). The concern is that the page that now has the “auto-outdated” category on it is not being added to the actual category page, Category:Auto-outdated, even a whole day later (have tried several means to refresh the page). The only way to get it to display correctly is to edit and save the template itself at which point any and all expired pages are instantly posted on the category page. Afterwards, when a particular article page is then re-saved (the timer being reset) that page will be automatically and instantly removed from the category page as it should (this problem only occurs in the other direction). Luccagenes 01:44, 25 July 2014 (UTC)
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