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''Kalolaina Mapa ''and ''Tevita Mapa ''were commissioned by the LDS Church to gather oral genealogies throughout Tonga during the 1970s. There are over 800 Tongan oral genealogical interviews, which they gathered on reel-to-reel tapes. The tapes were transcribed, and the transcripts were microfilmed. In 2006, the tapes were transferred to compact disc (CD) in order to preserve them. For more information about these oral histories click on [[Tonga Oral History in the Family History Library|Tongan Oral History]].
'''Using the FHL FamilySearch Catalog to Find Tongan Sources'''
The '''Place''' Search of the Family History Library Catalog will help you find and use records about Tongans. In the online Catalog click on each blue underlined topic or title to see more details about it. Click the '''View Film Notes''' button to see microfilm numbers. The sources on microfilm can be ordered and viewed at your local Family HIstory Center. To find a Family History Center near you,[[Introduction to LDS Family History Centers|click here.]] Search the online Catalog for the records of Tongan ancestors at each of the following levels:
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