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Note: Because the maps are computerized, each map has a ''file name''. The ''file name'' contains family names on the charts. They start with the letters of the alphabet contained in the map. Look at the index to see the file names for the maps and the name of the ancestral couple of the decendants on that map.
The Cole Jensen Collection
An important collection of copied genealogies for Tonga is found in the cjole-Jensen Collection: Oral Genealogies and Genealogical Information Collected from the Polnesian Peoples and from the Pacific Islands.  These records were collected over a 50 year period and microfofilmed in 1984 by the GenealogicalSociey of Utah.  The original collection consisted of 5t1 binders.  The original matreials no longer exist as an intact collection.  However, there are nine microfilms: 1258001 through 1358009, available at various family history centers.  This collection sontains family group records, pedigree charts, and oral genealoges collected from the llands of Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga, Niue, Cook Ilslands, and French Polnesia, including the Society, Marquesas, Austral Islands, andthe Tuamotu Archipelago.  The follwing microfilms contain Tongan information:
'''Tongan Oral Histories'''
'''Using the FHL Catalog to Find Tongan Sources'''
The '''Place ''' Search of the Family History Library Catalog will help you find and use records about Tongans. In the online Catalog click on each blue underlined topic or title to see more details about it. Click the '''View Film Notes''' button to see microfilm numbers. The sources on microfilm can be ordered and viewed at your local Family HIstory Center. To find a Family History Center near you, [ click here]. Search the online Catalog for the records of Tongan ancestors at each of the following levels:
'''''National level.''''' Use the Place Search to find the records of for the whole nation of Tonga. To do this [*,0,0 click here], and then click on the blue underlined topic of interest. <br>


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