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{{userboxUserboxhistoricalproject}}  <br>  <br> '''About Me''' | border-c = #C0C090| id = [[Image:FamilySearch LogoI grew up in Southeastern Idaho approximately 100 miles from Yellowstone National Park but have lived in Utah since I was 20 years old.jpg|128px|]]| id-c = white| info = This user '''Professional'''  My current position is part as a User Guidance Coordinator with my primary areas of responsibility including Scandinavia and the United States.  '''[[FamilySearch_Wiki:WikiProject_FamilySearch_Historical_Records|FamilySearch Historical Records]]Education''' I graduated from both Ricks College and Brigham Young University earning multiple degrees in Education, Human Development and Psychology with minors from both schools in Genealogy. I am a Retired Accredited Genealogist with ICAPGen having accreditations in Sweden and American Indian.| info-c = | usercategory = WikiProject FamilySearch Historical Records project participants'''Work Experience''' | nocat = {{{nocat|}}}}}I have worked for the Family History Department and Family History Library as or in the following: Reference Consultant, Correspondence Specialist, Cataloging Cross-training; VIP Projects, Publications Coordinator, Intern Trainer, Product Manager, Editing, Instructional Design, User Guidance Team Leader and User Guidance Coordinator.
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