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*Company A - Irwin Cowboys (Irwin County)
*Company B - Tattnall Rangers (Tattnall County) ;   [ USGenWeb]
*Company C - Brooks Rifles (aka Wiregrass Riflemen) (Brooks and Thomas *Counties)
*Company D - DeKalb Guards (Bulloch County) ;   [ USGenWeb]*Company E - Montgomery Sharpshooters (Montgomery County) ;   [ USGenWeb]*Company F - Starke Guards/Wiregrass Rifles (Quitman County) ;   [ USGenWeb]*Company G - Wilkes Guards (Wilkes County) ;   [ USGenWeb]
*Company H - Tattnall Volunteers (Tattnall County)
*Company I - Thompson Guards (Macon, Georgia and Bibb County)
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Georgia, and Lillian Henderson. 1959. Roster of the Confederate soldiers of Georgia, 1861-1865. Hapeville, Ga: Longina &amp; Porter. [ WorldCat]&nbsp; {{FHL|258092|item|disp=FHL Collection}}&nbsp; [;view=1up;seq=19 HATHI TRUST] Digital Library; also on&nbsp; [ USGenWeb]<br>
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