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Better describe records for those unfamiliar with British law
For those in the United Kingdom, images may also be viewed by visiting the [ Kent History and Library Centre in Maidstone, England].
=== Record Description ===
The collection consists of [[Parish Chest Records|Parish Chest records]] for the county of Kent. These include Vestry Minutes, Charity Records, Churchwarden Accounts, Overseer Accounts, and other various records. Availability varies by year and locality.
The England Parish Chest records from Kent contain the following records:
*Vestry minutes (Presiding Parish presiding council)
*Poor and Other Rate records (Payment records)
*Bastardy bonds (Court Recordsof financial support of illegitimate children) *Churchwardens Accounts (Parish financial accounts)<br>*Settlement and Removal Records (Poor relief or welfare records)<br>*Apprenticeship records(Records of poor children put out as apprentices)<br>
=== Record Content ===

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