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Logan County, Colorado Genealogy

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===== Archives =====
===== Courthouse ====={{CO Archives}}  Logan County Inheritance Tax 1913 - 1942 <br>Logan County School Census 1915 - 1920
===== Family History Centers =====
*[[Introduction to LDS Family History Centers|FamilySearch Centers]] are branches of the [[Family History Library]] in Salt Lake City, Utah, and are located all over the world. Their goal is to provide resources for family history research. <br>  *[[Sterling Colorado Family History Center]]<br>*[[Sidney Nebraska Family History Center]]<br> *[[Fort Morgan Colorado Family History Center]]<br>
===== Libraries =====
===== Societies =====
Logan County Genealogical Society<br>753 Taylor St.<br>Sterling, CO 80751<br>
==== Taxation ====
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