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== Indian Tribes Associated With This Agency ==
In 1874, the Leech Lake Agency was established for the Pillager and Lake Winnibigoshish Chippewa residing at Leech Lake and for the Chippewa of the Mississippi living at White Oak Point. The Chippewa Agency then had jurisdiction over the other Chippewa of the Mississippi (including those at Mille Lacs), the Otter Tail Pillager, and the Pembina Chippewa.
In 1878, the Chippewa Agency began to be called the White Earth Agency<ref>Hill, Edward E. ''The Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1880: Historical Sketches''. New York, New York: Clearwater Publishing Company, Inc., 1974, pp. 41-43.</ref><ref>Hill, Edward E. (comp.). ''Guide to Records in the National Archives of the United States Relating to American Indians''. Washington DC: National Archives and Records Service, General Services Administration, 1981, pp. 190-191.</ref>.
== Records ==


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